B2B Buyer Report: The Challenge of Web Store Adoption

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of B2B buyers have at least one reason that prevents them from placing orders online.


of B2B buyers said they would switch suppliers for a superior web store.


of B2B buyers prioritize easy and accurate online web stores.

Why B2B web stores are missing the mark

E-commerce might be booming, but B2B organizations still struggle to find their footing.

With 91% of buyers citing barriers to online ordering, it’s clear: past mistakes affect trust.

The main culprit? Inaccurate information.

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Why B2B web stores are missing the mark

Are order errors costing you customers?

B2B buyers today struggle with a lack of trust in supplier web stores. It’s as simple as this: offer up a reliable, error-free web store, and you stand to establish yourself as an industry leader.

Not convinced? Take a look at these stats:

  • 1 in 3 online B2B orders have errors.
  • 68% of buyers stop purchasing online due to errors.
  • 74% would switch for a better web experience.
  • 87% believe a bad buying experience hurts supplier relations.
Are order errors costing you customers

Think like your customers do.

Access unparalleled insights into the minds of modern B2B buyers.

Listening in: how many B2B buyers really want...

...accurate information on stock, pricing and delivery dates?


...access to order status, order history, and outstanding invoices?


...the full product range catalogue available?


...the ability to easily search for product or order information?


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