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Together, Sana Commerce and RSM serve businesses that want to leverage their Microsoft Dynamics ERP for e-commerce, and:

  • Are trusted digital advisors and partners
  • Offer a fully integrated ERP e-commerce solution for B2B and B2C
  • Prioritize teamwork, collaboration, and communication


with decades of combined e-commerce and ERP expertise


offering a comprehensive Dynamics e-commerce package


who launched our first mutual client's web store in 90 days

The challenge

What makes Sana Commerce and RSM the right fit?

Sana Commerce and RSM have joined forces to, together, serve businesses that want to leverage their Microsoft Dynamics ERP for e-commerce and omnichannel strategies.

Sana Commerce and RSM U.S. LLP (RSM) — the nation’s leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services focused on the middle market — partnered together to bring an all-in-one Dynamics ERP and e-commerce team (with proven channel experience and expertise) to the middle market.

Microsoft Dynamics-driven e-commerce, when supported by both Sana and RSM, brings together the best of both worlds: an ERP implementation partner with the right know-how and an e-commerce partner with 20 years of experience building high-quality, high-performing web stores on the foundation of clients’ ERP data.

RSM Partner

Sana — due, in part, to their close strategic alignment with Microsoft — provides a fully integrated B2B and B2C native e-commerce solution for the full Dynamics ERP suite: a differentiator that is invaluable to our client base and enables them to achieve their business goals.

Oleg Glubochansky | Director at RSM U.S. LLP

The advantages

3 Benefits of ERP-integrated e-commerce with Sana and RSM

Sana and RSM have had a strong year: one full of milestones and one geared toward even more exciting projects in 2020. Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. We’re Partners and Advisors — Not Just Vendors

The difference between a strong digitization or e-commerce project and one that falls flat often comes down to the teams and resources handling its planning and execution. Working with RSM and Sana Commerce, our clients have found a pair of true partners — both committed to the success of our joint projects and to accelerating the growth potential of each of our organizations. Client feedback often centers around the level of trust and openness between teams, and around the way in which both RSM and Sana both fundamentally understand and cater to clients’ business needs.

2. We Offer a Fully Integrated B2B and B2C Dynamics E-Commerce Package

In RSM, our mutual clients’ get both a digital advisor and a leading Dynamics ERP implementation partner with e-commerce knowledge. Paired with Sana, RSM also provides them a targeted Dynamics-centric digital and e-commerce support system that fundamentally understands ERP-integrated e-commerce from both sides: ERP expertise and e-commerce excellence.

3. Teamwork, collaboration, and communication are our top priority

To serve customers in the e-commerce space, Sana and RSM strive to offer clients a solution that enables them to achieve the growth and profitability they want. And together, Sana and RSM do just that. Plus, because larger ERP implementation projects can be very time consuming, having a solution like Sana’s that integrates with your Dynamics ERP system (without requiring duplication of that data or forcing you to maintain two systems) is a strong selling point.

And while these benefits are impressive, they do not overshadow just how impactful it is to work in the way the Sana-RSM team does.

The feedback

The case for choosing Sana and RSM, together

Both Sana Commerce and RSM faced a saturated market when looking for the right partner, but chose to collaborate to bring Dynamics e-commerce to our mutual clients for a few key reasons.

Why RSM?

For Sana, a partnership with RSM is a huge milestone. Ryan Steigerwald, Strategic Alliances Manager at Sana Commerce, shares:

“[Being] RSM’s go-to software for Dynamics clients tells us that they are not only emphasizing the investment their clients are already making in Microsoft Dynamics, but are also prioritizing providing their customers with the best possible ERP-integrated e-commerce experience.”

Why Sana Commerce?

On the RSM side, Debby Smith (principal with RSM US LLP) echoes similar sentiments about the power of a Dynamics-integrated solution, and the benefits of aligning with the Sana-RSM team:

“When we look at providing software and services to our Microsoft clients, we need partners with robust capabilities who can deliver quality solutions that help our clients move forward with confidence.”

For RSM, that solution is Sana. But from a more technical point-of-view, Sana’s unique value proposition is even more impactful, and truly drives home what makes Sana unique.

E-commerce for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs

Are you looking for an e-commerce solution that’s built for your Dynamics ERP system and also:

  • Boosts efficiency and profitability,
  • Is extensible, scalable, and fit to evolve with your business,
  • Eliminates system silos?
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