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A Sana Commerce Cloud web store relieved tewipack of all its administrative tasks.

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The challenge

The online search for providers heats up

Until a few years ago, e-commerce wasn’t really an option for the adhesive industry due to the high consulting requirements involved. With the new technical developments for personalization and consulting within web stores, however, more and more companies are taking the step towards e-commerce.

“Even for specialists like us, the requirements in regards to e-commerce has changed,” explains Daniel Sajko, Director of Marketing and eBusiness at tewipack.

Tewipack Challenge

More and more industrial customers are searching for partners online. Predominantly, developers from production and process technicians take this route first and foremost to find suitable partners for their often extremely demanding requirements.

tewipack Daniel Sajko | Marketing Director at tewipack

The goal

Simplified order processing and increased reaction speed

With the optimization of the e-commerce platform, the aim was to make the handling of standard and small orders more efficient. The same applies to sample orders via the web store. “As a medium-sized company, high-quality customer service is a very important criterion. An efficient web store contributes significantly to relieving our team of routine tasks with regard to the processing of orders and enables us to provide our customers with individual services and personal communication on complex issues,” explains Sajko. “Today, fast reaction speeds are an important criterion in allowing high-quality customer orientation. For this reason, we have, for example, integrated a chat function within the web store to provide online customers with prompt technical support.”

tewipack saw the potential of using e-commerce to position its new business models faster on the market. Having a web store would enable tewipack to reach new target groups for the sales and service of 3D printing and would open up new long-term sources of revenue.

An efficient web store contributes significantly to relieving our team of routine tasks with regard to the processing of orders and enables us to provide our customers with individual services and personal communication on complex issues.

tewipack Daniel Sajko | Marketing Director at tewipack

The solution

ERP-integrated SaaS web store for business customers and consumers

Since May 2019, Tewipack has placed its trust in the Sana Commerce Cloud solution, which integrates natively with their Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP.

“Sana eliminates all interface issues regarding enterprise resource planning, customer management or database systems associated with traditional web store systems. These interface problems pose significant issues for medium-sized companies like us, particularly in terms of continuous maintenance, further development and updates. The second important criterion for us was the functionalities, which are tailored to the specific requirements of B2B customers. At the same time, the system offers everything for retail trade,” says Sajko.

tewipack chose Sana’s SaaS model to save time on administration and upgrades. “With Sana Commerce Cloud, we are always provided with the latest updates and features of a modern web store and still benefit from the direct integration with Microsoft Navision in the backend,” adds Sajko.

In addition to delivery times, stock and specifications, we can display price scales and individual discounts for industrial customers. Furthermore, customers have access to their complete order history, regardless of the original method by which the order was submitted.

tewipack Daniel Sajko | Marketing Director at tewipack

The results

Data quality and experienced project partners as success factors

Sajko sees data quality as well as cooperation with experienced project partners as critical factors for the success of the web store development and implementation. “The former means consistently maintaining the merchandise management and customer data. This can be tedious at first, but is an indispensable foundation for the presentation of reliable online information in the web store and the customers’ acceptance of this distribution channel.” tewipack’s e-commerce site is also used internally by employees and consultants in the sales and technical departments as a central source of information.

“In the consulting-intensive B2B business, e-commerce is still in its infancy and its revenue share is still relatively low,” explains Sajko. “But this distribution channel will grow dynamically. Now is the time to gain experience and continuously optimize online offers, services and marketing strategies. In other words, with our limited resources as a medium-sized company, we focus on the tactical and strategic requirements in e-commerce. By using Sana’s ERP-integrated solution specialized in B2B e-commerce in the SaaS model, we were able to reduce the technical effort to a minimum.”

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