Native ERP Integration

Centralize your data with native ERP integration

With all your ERP data updating in real-time on your web store, you will never miss out on a sale or have to fix an incorrect order again.

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Discover why native ERP e-commerce is more resilient than solutions that rely on middleware.

Leverage the power of your ERP

With an ERP-integrated solution, all changes to your ERP data appear immediately online and vice versa. Our solution is built into your ERP and does not rely on third-party connectors or middleware. Sana Commerce Cloud processes all your information in one place, eliminating redundancies, inconsistencies and the need to manually maintain more than one set of business data.

Native ERP Integration Sana Commerce Cloud

Make your e-commerce and ERP work as one

Integrate your Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Use the existing data and logic stored in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP with Sana Commerce Cloud. The results? Your customers benefit from a convenient, reliable and modern online experience while you save time, reduce errors and create room for growth.

Integrate your SAP ERP

Eliminate system silos by making your SAP ERP and e-commerce work as one with Sana Commerce Cloud. This guarantees a convenient and reliable experience for your customers and gives you the flexibility and agility to quickly respond to their needs.

All your data, completely accurate, 24/7

With native ERP integration you can show the following in real-time, all the time:

  • Pricing discounts
  • Sales tax calculations
  • Customer data
  • Inventory levels
  • Languages and translations
  • Price calculations with units of measure
  • All product data, like name, description, variant name

Manage products easily and efficiently

With Sana Commerce Cloud you can have an accurate product catalog, and you can reach more customers, faster and at any time. Because your product catalog is managed in your ERP, our solution simply retrieves the data you’ve entered and displays it straight in your web store.

Here are a few of the product management features you can look forward to:

  • Product sets, pages, variants and images
  • Stock and inventory availability
  • Specifications
  • Units of measure
  • Product comparison capabilities
Effectively organize and display your products

Hear from our customers

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Claude L.

We can now offer solid e-commerce capabilities to our B2B customers

It allows a flawless flow of information between the front-end and the ERP. It removes the most significant pain of any ecommerce platform; truth of data. Customer comments have been terrific so far. 

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Filip D.
Filip D.
Sales & Communication Assistant

We were able to set up and run a large store in a short time.

The CMS is easy enough for beginners but is also open enough for advanced users to program. The attention to detail when it comes to SEO and minimal setup is a big plus.

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Gerard W.
Gerard W.
Financial & Operational Director

We now have orders from customers we previously had no contact with.

No more manual order intake and processing. Stock availability, customer-specific pricing, volume discounts, etc. are all administered in NAV and work great in the web store.

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Pim P.
Pim P.
Director of Business Systems

Integrates well with our ERP and PIM software.

We have accurate ERP and PIM data across our pan-European platform. Our assortment is refreshed on a daily basis and existing products can be revised by new multilingual product-content.

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Brett W.
Brett W.
Service Supervisor

Easy integration and great solution.

Sana Commerce gave our contractors the ability to order items outside of standard business hours. It’s an excellent knowledge base that allows you to easily find information and make improvements to your site.

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Default photo
Emily P.
VP, Digital Marketing

A platform that enables growth.

Sana Commerce enabled us to quickly connect to our ERP and empowered our customers to place their own orders. This saved our limited sales team time and resources.

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Nicola M.
Nicola M.
Online Sales Manager

Simple to set up and use!

I’m not an IT Manager, but the ease of configuration and use allowed me to create our shop independently. This is a complete and professional tool for businesses with a high level of ERP integration.

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Default photo
Sibille H.
Project Manager

Sana Commerce really boosts your online sales.

The pricing for the performance is excellent. Of all the e-commerce solutions we looked at, Sana Commerce was the best in pricing, performance and connection to our ERP.

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Simone C.
Simone C.
Technical Sales

Packed with many features and expandability.

Sana Commerce enables us to offer an exclusive service to many existing customers, giving them the chance to check order status in real-time, see custom prices and availability, and create orders from quotations.

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Default photo
Candida T.
IT Business/Project Manager

Best e-commerce solution for Dynamics AX.

We appreciate the flexibility to decide which products (and product categories) are visible in the web store.

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