B2B e‑commerce replatforming checklist

Use this e-commerce replatforming checklist to guide your project, as you get ready to change your B2B e-commerce platform.

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How will this checklist help you?

Our e-commerce replatforming checklist helps guide you through each stage of your replatforming project. Use it to ensure that you don’t miss any critical steps and avoid common pitfalls when looking for a new e-commerce provider and preparing to change your platform.

We’ve included 3 checklists for you to check off and fill in, as well as free templates and example stories to help you along the way.

This replatforming checklist is specially designed for B2B businesses, to factor in the complexities that come with the B2B buying process and therefore with B2B e-commerce.

Replatforming checklist

What's included?

8 replatforming pitfalls to avoid: Checklist

Review our list of do’s and don’ts to avoid common replatforming mistakes that could delay, hinder or cause your project to fail.

E-commerce project checklist

Need a refresher on how to successfully run an e-commerce project? Be sure to check off these 10 steps as you embark on your replatforming project.

E-commerce replatforming checklist

With the right plan, nothing stands in the way of a successful e-commerce replatforming project. Complete this checklist to ensure you are fully prepared to change your e-commerce platform.

Project templates & replatforming stories

We’ve also thrown in some free e-commerce project templates to help you get organized, as well as replatforming stories from B2B business like yours, to inspire your own project.

Make your e-commerce replatforming project a success