B2B e‑commerce RFP template: Must-ask questions for your vendors

Use this free e-commerce request-for-proposal (RFP) template and rating system to compare B2B e-commerce solutions and providers.

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How will this RFP template help you?

Our free RFP template helps you select the right B2B e-commerce software vendor for your business. It includes essential questions to ask your potential providers to make fully-informed vendor comparisons and decisions — whether you are launching your first online store or replatforming your existing website.

The e-commerce RFP template includes:

  • A list of key questions, grouped by topic, to help you understand the e-commerce product and services on offer.
  • A practical rating system to help you quickly create a shortlist of vendors who best meet your e-commerce requirements.
  • The template is delivered as an Excel spreadsheet, so you can easily amend and reuse it as needed.
RFP Template

What questions are included?

The questions included in this example RFP template are relevant to E-Commerce Managers and Business Owners, as well as MarketingSalesFinance, and IT Specialists. Topics include:

Company and product overview

Get to know your potential vendors. Understand their area(s) of e-commerce expertise, typical client base and partnerships. Plus ask about their current and future products, unique selling points and pricing structure.

Vendor services evaluation

Discover everything you need to know about your providers’ e-commerce project process, including project management, timeframes, and how they’ll support and train you.

Website administration questionnaire

Find out how you can manage your online store and uncover any limitations, from returns management to reporting and content scheduling.

Technical and functional requirements

Dive deeper into your e-commerce vendors’ IT, hosting and security capabilities, as well as a wide range of web store features and functionalities.

Know exactly what to ask in your e-commerce demos