E‑commerce user stories template & examples

Download your free user story template for a step-by-step guide and examples on how to create user stories for your e-commerce website.

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How will this template help you?

Our e-commerce user stories template helps you create comprehensive user stories to prepare for your e-commerce implementation or replatforming project.

User stories help you break down your customers’ potential online journeys into specific steps. You can then use them to guide the functionalities and design of your online store. Due to the complexity of B2B buying journeys and requirements, user stories are especially critical for B2B e-commerce projects.

Use this e-commerce user stories template to:

  • Start meaningful conversations about your web store requirements.
  • Create a clear functional overview of your e-commerce site to use during the implementation.
  • Estimate the scope of the project, and prioritize must-haves over nice-to-haves.
  • Guide the testing of your e-commerce platform after implementation.
E-commerce user stories template

What’s included in the template?

The user stories template makes a useful tool for cross-department collaboration. Business Owners, E-Commerce and IT Managers should use it alongside Sales, Marketing and Customer Support Managers to define and validate required web store functionalities.

This user stories template is provided as an Excel spreadsheet, so you can easily fill and edit it according to your requirements. The template includes:

Step-by-step guide to user stories

Learn how to create e-commerce user stories, by focusing on the who, what and why. And don’t skip the critical final step: validating your stories.

Customer touchpoints chart

Fill in this chart to get a full view of your customers’ online touchpoints. Then use it as a conversation starter to develop key stories.

User stories template

Follow our user story format and fill in the template to create complete user stories for your e-commerce website.

User stories examples

Use our examples of e-commerce user stories as a starting point to create your own.

Understand your customers’ online journey and create an online store that converts