Episode 19: Why data is key to better B2B e-commerce

Why data is the key to better B2B e-commerce

Helena Strahl and Niklas Helgesson are two self-proclaimed “B2B e-commerce nerds,” and you can hear that passion in this latest episode of B2B E-Commerce Integrated. Listen as they speak with Arno about all the unspoken work that goes into making B2B e-commerce work in the face of enormous complexity. They highlight that organizing product and customer data is a large initiative that all B2B companies should treat as the foundation for a functional web store.

Listen and learn:
  • Why B2B companies should invest in B2B e-commerce
  • The benefits of digitizing your business and automating processes
  • The error margin for manual processes in B2B
  • The top factors that make B2B e-commerce so complex
  • The recommended lead time for setting up an online B2B store
  • Reasons why B2B e-commerce projects fail (and how to avoid making the same mistakes)

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