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Unlocking B2B Commerce Success: Insights from an E-Commerce Manager's Perspective

Sana Editorial Team
January 9, 2024

In the B2B e-commerce landscape, businesses are always in search of strategic solutions to overcome challenges, streamline operations, and establish a robust online presence. Regout Balance Systems, a trailblazer in height adjustment for touchscreen display solutions, found themselves in a similar quest. Faced with the intricacies of meeting specific customer needs, they sought innovative approaches to enhance operational efficiency.

To dive deeper into this transformative journey, we had a chat with Luc Bastiaens, the E-commerce Coordinator at Regout Balance Systems, the driving force behind the Sana Commerce project. Luc doesn’t just handle the technical and functional aspects—he owns the entire project.

His hands-on experience and unwavering dedication make him a goldmine of insights for e-commerce managers looking for inspiration and practical guidance in their own ventures.

Regout Balance System’s B2B commerce journey with the Sana Success Track

Regout Balance Systems initiated a transformative journey by implementing Sana Commerce Cloud. Guided by the strategic efforts outlined in the Sana Success Track, they set out to redefine their digital presence and operational efficiency.

The objective reached beyond adopting a new commerce platform; it envisioned a profound transformation in how Regout Balance Systems engaged with customers, processed orders, and conducted overall B2B operations.

Below we will delve into the collaboration between Regout Balance Systems and SST, illustrating how this vision evolved into a tangible reality—a significant milestone in their journey towards B2B e-commerce success.

Navigating Complexity

With a product line of around 30 items, Regout Balance Systems faced the challenge of intricate customer-specific needs requiring them to enhance operational efficiency. The challenge lay in providing clear product information and catering to diverse needs, particularly concerning pricing variations and specialized product requirements. This complexity urged Regout Balance Systems to find a solution that not only addressed these intricacies but also transformed their business model.

Clear Information Needs: Regout Balance Systems grappled with the need for comprehensive and easily accessible product information, extending beyond mere product management. The challenge was to ensure customers had a crystal-clear understanding of each product to avoid errors in orders.

Customer-Specific Challenges: In the B2B landscape, Regout Balance Systems navigated the intricacies of catering to customer-specific needs. This included handling pricing variations and addressing specialized product requirements. Their goal was to deliver a personalized experience while efficiently managing these challenges.

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Aligning Outcomes with the Sana Success Track

Regout Balance Systems collaboration with Sana Success Track (SST) delivered outcomes that directly addressed these key complexities.

  • Improved efficiency: Improved efficiency was at the heart of Regout Balance Systems transformation. By utilizing the SST, they made their internal processes smoother. They organized and categorized products better, making everything clear and efficient. This not only saved time but also lightened the load on the sales team.
  • Web Store Adoption Achieved: Following the outcomes realized by the SST, Regout Balance Systems achieved a commendable 60% web store adoption. This transformative journey was more than increasing sales—it was about selling more efficiently and aligning with the evolving needs of the B2B landscape.

Regout Balance systems Approach to Web Store Adoption

In navigating the landscape of B2B e-commerce, Regout Balance Systems implemented a customer-centric approach that mere transactions. Let’s explore the strategies and features that drove Regout Balance Systems success.

Regout Balance Systems strategically used its sales team to actively onboard customers onto the web store. This collaborative effort emphasized a hands-on approach and incorporated customer feedback for continuous improvement. The approach, tailored based on customer classification, ranged from personalized visits for key accounts to comprehensive instruction manuals for others.

In a visit to a larger customer, Regout Balance Systems faced resistance, particularly regarding their intricate order management involving multiple projects and varied prices. This customer heavily depended on their distinct order process, posing integration challenges with the Sana Commerce system. The upcoming OCI punchout feature presents a solution, simplifying the process by enabling direct order placement from their ERP into Regout Balance Systems Business Central system. This development aligns with the pursuit of a more streamlined and efficient web store solution.

Key Features for Regout Balance Systems:

1. “My Account” Portal:
A preferred feature among customers, the “My Account” portal served as a centralized hub and played a pivotal role in unburdening the sales team and streamlining the customer experience. By effortlessly providing access to all orders, shipments, and relevant information, this feature not only met but exceeded the crucial objective of enhancing sales and channel support.

2. Product Views and Specifications:
The web store’s product views and detailed specifications garnered favor among customers. Clear and comprehensive information empowered customers to make informed decisions, significantly reducing the likelihood of ordering errors.

3. Sana Commerce Insights (SCI):
Anticipating the implementation of SCI, Regout Balance Systems is already eager about the upcoming feature. The promise of abandoned basket features, targeted follow-ups, and personalized engagement has generated enthusiasm. The anticipated insights from SCI are expected to become a valuable tool in Regout Balance Systems sales arsenal, fostering cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Regout Balance Systems approach came down to simplicity at its best; their vision was a web store that epitomized efficiency and effectiveness for their customers. The synergy with the sales team and the incorporation of customer-centric features reflected their dedication to enhancing the overall customer experience. Operating with a closed web store and a deliberate focus on existing customers, Regout Balance Systems prioritized efficiency over extensive marketing endeavors. As more customers embraced the system, the company achieved streamlined processes, contributing to reduced sales costs.

Overcoming Resistance and Tips for Success

Regout Balance systems’ journey encountered initial resistance, notably from some larger customers. However, with the introduction of a new B2B commerce solution and the transformation of the sales team’s role—shifting from order processing to strategic involvement—they have strategically positioned themselves for success. A noteworthy collaboration unfolds as they work hand in hand with the offline sales support department, both reporting to the Commercial Director. This collaborative approach propels them forward in their collective pursuit of achieving the ambitious goal of 80% web store adoption.

Tactical Tips: Regout Balance Systems journey offers valuable insights for B2B companies venturing into the e-commerce realm. Practical tips include starting small, focusing on the basics, and learning iteratively from the process. The key takeaway is the importance of dedicating resources to the project, exemplified by Regout Balance Systems commitment to having a dedicated team member almost full time on the project. These tactical tips serve as a compass for others navigating the complexities of their own e-commerce journey, with the aim of achieving and surpassing their adoption goals.

Regout Balance Systems success story with Sana Success Track serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of B2B commerce solutions. Their journey provides valuable insights for businesses navigating the complexities of the digital landscape, emphasizing the importance of innovation, dedication, and customer-centric approaches

As we conclude Regout Balance Systems remarkable journey in B2B e-commerce transformation, you might be wondering, ‘How can I achieve such success for my business?’ The answer lies in the strategic approach, guidance, and continuous improvement offered by the Sana Success Track. Let’s delve into what SST entails and discover how it can empower your own journey towards B2B e-commerce excellence

Introducing the Sana Success Track

Sana Success Track (SST) is a tailored program that goes beyond conventional approaches by engaging in personalized conversations, uncovering unique e-commerce goals, and delivering a bespoke set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure progress and success.

As a customized program, SST is designed to adapt to the nuanced needs of each business it serves. It’s a dynamic framework that evolves with individual aspirations, offering a level of personalization unmatched in traditional e-commerce solutions.

Key Outcomes of B2B E-commerce:

  • Increase Your Revenue: SST crafts a distinct pathway for revenue growth, emphasizing repeat sales, upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and optimized conversion rates.
  • Drive Customer Loyalty: Recognizing the pivotal role of customers, SST focuses on enhancing customer experience through personalized web stores to foster loyalty.
  • Work Efficiently & Cut Costs: SST acts as a tailored strategy for streamlining processes, reducing manual work, and automating tasks through uniquely customized web stores.
  • Acquire New Customers: Adapting to the pursuit of growth, SST supports businesses in attracting new customers through personalized strategies.
  • Develop Your Brand Image: Leveraging every touchpoint with customers, SST-powered web stores play a crucial role in creating a distinctive brand experience.

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