claygate Focus: Providing a comprehensive range of bathroom and plumbing products for residential and commercial use Products: Bathroom fixtures, plumbing supplies, fittings, accessories, taps, showers, pipes, etc. Company size: 150 employees

Claygate Distribution's B2B Customer Journey to Modernization

Transforming Outdated Systems into Customer-Friendly, Revenue-Boosting Solutions

Boost Conversion

increase in monthly sales

Real Time

increase in average order value

Streamline customer onboarding

decrease in phone inquiries to the sales team


Claygate Distribution’s Quest for Excellence in the Fast-Paced Service Industry

In the service industry, excellence is key, and Claygate Distribution strives to deliver nothing but the best. With many others competing for the same market, their challenge lies in standing out from the crowd and emerging as a one-stop shop for all their customers’ needs.

But here’s the catch: in a fast-paced industry like theirs, convenience and speed are everything. And that’s where things get tricky. So, let’s take a closer look at the complexities Claygate faces from both a channel and product perspective.


For a deeper understanding of Claygate Distribution’s operations, click to open the sections below and explore the specific channel and product complexities they face.

Channel Complexity

Diverse Pricing Dynamics

Claygate handles a variety of pricing structures from different manufacturers and suppliers. Finding the sweet spot between competitiveness and profitability is crucial for keeping customers happy and coming back for more.

Negotiating Agreements

Crafting personalized agreements based on purchase volumes and product types helps Claygate build strong partnerships. They make these agreements easily accessible on their web store, fostering transparency and trust.

Managing Workflow Complexities

Efficiently handling order confirmation and approval processes across different customer tiers is no small task. Claygate’s ability to streamline workflows directly impacts their ability to deliver orders on time and keep customers satisfied.

Navigating Shipping and Fulfillment Challenges

Despite operating from a single warehouse, Claygate faces the challenge of meeting diverse shipping preferences and managing complex delivery schedules. Overcoming these challenges ensures seamless order fulfillment and timely deliveries.

Product Complexity

Handling Products with Multiple Attributes

Claygate excels at managing products with multiple attributes, such as color variations or size options. Clear presentation of product attributes simplifies the selection process for customers, making their shopping experience hassle-free.

Inventory Management Dynamics

Optimizing inventory levels while minimizing carrying costs is key to Claygate’s success. Effective inventory management ensures products are always available when needed and helps prevent stockouts, keeping customers satisfied.

Technical Product Information

Claygate prioritizes delivering a seamless shopping experience on its web store. With an extensive array of 10,000 products, they offer user-friendly navigation, detailed product information, and accessible technical sheets. These features empower customers to make well-informed decisions during their shopping journey.

The challenge

Unraveling the Digital Conundrum: Claygate’s Journey to Modernization

Claygate Distribution grappled with challenges stemming from an outdated ERP system and a web store that seemed stuck in the ’90s. The sluggish performance and outdated design no longer meet the evolving needs of customers and internal teams.

Realizing the pressing need for change, Claygate embarked on a journey to overhaul their digital presence, prompting them to delve into the possibilities offered by Sana Commerce.

“Our old CMS was slow and complicated, a headache for everyone. But with our new system, updates are a breeze, and stock updates are more visible. It’s a game-changer for our team’s productivity.”

claygate logo Dionne Banks, Marketing Director at Claygate

The solution

Claygate’s Digital Evolution: Embracing Sana Commerce

In the search for a dynamic B2B e-commerce solution, Claygate Distribution found the perfect fit with Sana Commerce. Standing out among competitors like Magento, Sana offered a compelling combination of functionality, simplicity, and affordability. The seamless integration with Business Central and the minimal setup effort were key in Claygate’s decision-making process.

Driven by the desire for speed, usability, and aesthetics, Claygate initiated a transformative e-commerce project with clear objectives:

  • Delivering a faster, more intuitive, and visually appealing web store.
  • Reducing reliance on the call center.
  • Empowering their sales team to focus on high-valued opportunities.
claygate web store home page built with sana commerce cloud

“Integration with Business Central straight out of the box, combined with effortless content management on the editor side, made Sana Commerce a clear winner. It’s future-proof, cost-effective, and just works. A perfect fit for our complex B2B needs.”

claygate logo Dionne Banks, Marketing Director at Claygate

The results

Claygate’s E-Commerce Triumph: Unveiling Growth and Operational Milestones

Since the go-live date on February 1st, year, Claygate’s e-commerce journey has been marked by significant growth and operational achievements:

Unlocking Webstore Adoption

Claygate has witnessed a surge in web accounts, signaling a positive return on investment. With the launch of a new homepage featuring diverse promotions, the reliance on email campaigns has notably decreased.

Boosting Conversion Rates and Average Order Value

Conversion rates have seen a notable uptick, accompanied by a significant increase in average order value. The average order value has soared by 70% with an additional increase of over $100 per order.

Reduced Phone Calls and Enhanced Stock Management

The transition to Sana Commerce has resulted in a 67% reduction in phone inquiries to the sales team, leading to a more efficient allocation of resources. Notably, the stock inquiry rate has witnessed a significant decrease, contributing to streamlined operations and reduced total cost of ownership.

Setting Up a Bright Future

With a target of achieving £900,000  revenue by the end of 2024, Claygate aims to further propel its growth trajectory. With a current monthly count at 600k, they are confident that they will achieve their annual goal and reach the coveted milestone of 1 million revenue.

“With Sana Commerce in place, we’ve noticed some real wins: more registrations, increased sales through our website, and a nice bump in average order value. Plus, our sales team is spending less time on the phone.”

claygate logo Dionne Banks, Marketing Director at Claygate

Highlighted feature

Empowering Efficiency with Downloadable Product Lists

claygate distribution downloadable product list with sana commerce cloud

In Claygate Distribution’s success journey with Sana Commerce, one feature truly stands out: the ability for customers to effortlessly download product lists from the web store. This convenient functionality empowers customers to access and review product information offline, enhancing their overall shopping experience. For instance, customers can easily download product lists to compare options or share information with team members during decision-making processes.

The impact of this feature is palpable in Claygate’s heightened customer satisfaction and streamlined purchasing process. By providing customers with the flexibility to download product lists, Claygate fosters greater convenience and efficiency, ultimately strengthening relationships and driving sales. This underscores the versatility and customer-centric approach of Sana Commerce in meeting the unique needs of B2B clients like Claygate Distribution.

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