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With its new web store, Vedotec’s information is easy to find and always up to date online.

  • Vedotec supplies parts for products that regulate temperature, air quality, lighting and more
  • Founded in 2002
  • Supplies over 9,100 items, half of which can be ordered online via their web store


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The challenge

Give customers access to information 24/7

Vedotec has had a web store since 2011, but the first iteration of their e-commerce experience wasn’t really what their customers wanted — which was to access relevant product information.

It was common at the time to “receive many ‘standard’ questions from customers about specific products. Our office had to answer the questions by phone each time,” says Marien van Veelen, Director of Vedotec.

Vedotec Challenge

People told us we were too small for an ERP integration. But we want to lead the way (for small businesses). We want to automate more and more.

Vedotec Marien van Veelen | Director at Vedotec

The solution

An e-commerce platform integrated with PIM and SAP Business One

To address this issue, Vedotec sought out an ERP integrated e-commerce solution instead. Tight integration with their SAP Business One ERP and PIM system, Compano, was the key prerequisite when searching for a new web store platform.

In line with the original e-commerce goal, Vedotec’s Sana Commerce’s web store was built within SAP Business One and directly integrated with Vedotec’s Compano PIM system.

With Sana Commerce today, Vedotec can display all important product information in real-time in their web store.

Van Veelen explains: “In our industry, you publish item data and product specifications in a portal. Our customers, for example installation companies, also download this data. The challenge [with our original web store] was that we didn’t always find the publication terms in the portal to be commercially strong enough.”

With the combination of software from Compano and Sana Commerce, we can show very rich product information on our web store. For us, this was a unique thing and a requirement when it came to deciding on an e-commerce provider.

Vedotec Marien van Veelen | Director at Vedotec

The results

Real-time customer-specific information, increased efficiency and capabilities

With Vedotec’s Sana integrated web store now live, they can finally display all product information that’s in their ERP system in their web store (in real-time) as well. Customers are increasingly looking for the answers to their questions on the web store rather than calling in, and are very satisfied with the revamped e-commerce experience.

“We received feedback from customers that the information online is much more visible and easy-to-find (in our new Sana web store).” – Marien van Veelen | Director of Vedotec

Other benefits that the new Sana web store delivered Vedotec include:

  • Saving the sales teams time thanks to fewer inquiries coming in via phone that need to be handled by internal sales reps.
  • Offering customer access to their customer-specific prices online: Vedotec can now display customer specific discounts and prices directly in their web store: a key B2B e-commerce capability.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction with the web store: Customer complaints about Vedotec’s previous web store included challenges with a site that was not responsive and had very slow page load times. This is no longer the case.
  • Launching an online marketing strategy: With Sana’s integrated e-commerce solution, Vedotec can use online marketing to attract more customers. “That’s why it’s really become important to us to create content (for the website). Now that we have an appealing platform, we can add pictures and product descriptions [ to our web store for better online marketing] in a matter of minutes.”

Now that we have an appealing e-commerce platform, we can add pictures and product descriptions to our web store for better online marketing in a matter of minutes.

Vedotec Marien van Veelen | Director at Vedotec

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