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Home Goods

Home goods and furniture e-commerce platform

Are you looking to create a stunning online presence to complement your products and/or brick and mortar stores? Selling home goods and furniture online used to be a small market as many people still wanted to purchase these products after seeing them in a physical store. But, like all industries, it’s going through a major digital transformation. Having an iconic and customer-friendly web store with strong marketing functionality is the key to success.

With our knowledge of home goods and furniture e-commerce and our portfolio of companies in the industry, our solution creates the following 3 main benefits that allow you to create an enticing web store to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Total customer convenience

Transform your traditional industry to allow your customers to order anytime, anywhere with personalized self-service and a transparent web store with the following capabilities.

Powerful page editor and designer

Create iconic storefronts and offer products and content tailored to your customers’ needs.

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Powerful page editor and designer

Up-to-date information

Your customers can access real-time information on inventory levels, their online and offline orders, as well as more ERP information. Your customers can also see when sold out items will be back in stock. This builds trust with your audience because they know they can rely on your information.

Home Goods

Customize your products online

You can easily allow customers to choose the right color, size or any other home goods and furniture customizations you have stored in your ERP.

Customize your product
Powerful page editor and designer Home Goods Customize your product
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Learn how our ERP-integrated solution centralizes your data so you can focus on the future.

Reliability without compromise

Give your customers a reliable online experience and eliminate errors and delays, so your customers have the right supplies when they need it.

Marketing tools conversion
Built-in marketing tools to drive conversion

Get out-of-the-box unique SEO functionality allowing you to rank higher. Maximize your e-commerce conversions with Sana Commerce’s online marketing capabilities. Interested in hearing more about our marketing solution highlights?

Real-time inventory information
Real-time inventory data

Your web store only lets you sell what’s available in stock inside the ERP, and inventory levels are updated in real-time. It also allows you to show delivery dates for products you don’t have in stock. This is all made possible because your ERP and e-commerce work as one.

Top-notch website design

Create personalized storefronts and offer products and content tailored to your customer needs by using our drag and drop elements. Style your web store background and animate rows while immediately seeing the effects of your proposed changes.

Constant evolution

Keep up with, and adapt to, your ever-evolving home goods and furniture industry customer needs.

  • Fast go-to-market: Now when you add new goods to your catalog you no longer need to print out physical catalogs to include those products. Anything that’s added to your ERP can be displayed immediately in your online web store catalog.
  • Quickly integrate with multiple systems: Our e-commerce platform allows you to effortlessly integrate your e-commerce, not just with your ERP, but also with a Product Information Management (PIM) system and with any other industry-specific systems. Give your customers access to all the rich product information you have stored in multiple systems.
  • Ever-evolving, out-of-box features: An e-commerce solution that is constantly changing alongside your customers’ needs and industry trends.

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Larson & Juhl

“The modern design options of Sana Commerce were just what we were looking for, as well as the ability to make some web store changes from within Microsoft NAV.”

Andy Cole | Systems Administrator at Larson-Juhl Read more
Larson & Juhl

“There was no particular problem we were trying to fix, but we’ve always wanted to give our customers better service, granting access to invoices, standing orders, real-time pricing and availability, for instance. And we wanted to become more efficient from a business process perspective.”

Francis Care | Operations Director at Domus Read more

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