B2B average order value skyrocketed by 42% in March

Sana Editorial Team
April 8, 2022

Sana Commerce data shows that the average order value of B2B e-commerce web store orders jumped 42% from February to March 2022.


March 2022 was a fantastic month for manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors with a B2B e-commerce in terms of the average order value. This figure delineates how much their customers are spending every time they check out.

In the past year, we’ve seen that the average order value per customer is pretty steady, at around 1200-1300 euros. But we did notice a peak in March, with the average order value rising a stunning 42% increase month over month. In April, the average order value steadied again.

This date – which is aggregated of course – includes the activity of hundreds of B2B e-commerce web stores that use Sana Commerce software. These web stores are from businesses all around the world and across industries. They’re a good indicator of the trends and patterns in buying decisions by the largest businesses in the world.

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