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Launching Sana Commerce Cloud: Faster, more flexible and more user-friendly

Catharina Mensak
September 25, 2020

Today, we are officially launching our brand-new product: Sana Commerce Cloud.

Sana Commerce Cloud (SCC) offers you a more flexible and future-facing solution than ever before. Our cutting-edge advancements will help you continually evolve and adapt your business offering in the face of change, with:

  • A decoupled front- and back end for more flexibility to change and experiment with your solution
  • Better performance and faster page loading for a strong user experience
  • More user-friendly and intuitive content management via our new Visual Designer
  • Support for SEO best practices and online marketing

This is a project that has been near and dear to our hearts. So, we interviewed our Head of Product Louis van Roessel and Chief Product Officer Arno Ham to discover their favorite Sana Commerce Cloud features and highlights:

What was your personal highlight to building Sana Commerce Cloud?

“We knew we wanted to build an e-commerce platform with more design flexibility. And this was the first time in Sana Commerce history that we took a prototype that our team created in an internal challenge and used it as the backbone of the Sana Commerce Cloud visual designer,” says Ham.

What is your favorite feature of Sana Commerce Cloud?

“Being a tech guy myself, I’m really satisfied with the architecture of SCC. The single-page application makes the web stores behave like an app. This architecture is great for performance. It’s also API-based, which makes SCC more extendible. And you can use APIs to integrate it with other systems like your own app or your own content management system. I really love that flexibility that SCC gives companies,” says Ham.

“The new designer e-commerce tool is so easy to use. Real-time data from the ERP used to be new 10 years ago, but now you also need to make it look nice, to give customers a great experience,” says van Roessel.

“I love the fast-performing front-end. Now that we’ve built Sana Commerce Cloud to be so fast, I’m more aware of this technology on other sites. It’s fun to see how other platforms compare. I haven’t yet seen any e-commerce vendors that have this technology,” says van Roessel.

What are you most excited to see happen when this new product launches?

“I’m looking forward to seeing our first headless commerce Sana Commerce Cloud site, and to see one of our customers using voice technology. Sana Commerce Cloud is the first step towards headless commerce and I’m excited to see where it goes from here,” says van Roessel.

Discover the features of Sana Commerce Cloud.

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