Sana Apps and other add-ons

With Sana Commerce Cloud, you can access Sana Apps and integrate with e-commerce add-ons that sharpen your web store performance and streamline your business. We also have technology add-on partners, out of the box, to enhance your customers’ experience.

Payment service providers (PSPs)

Sana Commerce Cloud has a variety of PSPs that fit your business needs — whether these are based on your region or preferred payment method.

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Payment Providers Add-ons

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Email marketing services

Together with Sana Commerce and our marketing services partners, you can develop brand awareness and build credibility with email marketing. A great way to reach your customers directly and drive more website traffic and sales. Out of the box, we integrate with Mailchimp and dotdigital, but more email marketing integrations are available as customizations.

Email Add-ons

Product feed integrations

Expand your markets and channels by exporting product information to different marketplaces such as Amazon, Facebook, eBay, etc.

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Shipping providers

Within Sana Apps you’ll find various shipment providers that can access even the most remote places or transport your customers’ preferred unit of measure (UoM) — all ready to deliver your products to your clients.


United States Postal Service





Product information management (PIM) systems

Sana Commerce developed an extension point that integrates your ERP and web store directly with each other. This way, you streamline and simplify the storage and management of product data across your organization and online, out-of-the-box.

Successful cross-channel commerce and marketing requires perfect and up-to-date product data. Perfion gives you one single source of truth for all your product information so you can apply and use it across all your marketing materials. You can create paper catalogs within days or publish real-time product information in your Sana Commerce web store.

Inriver helps B2C and B2B multi-channel commerce and marketing professionals tell perfect product stories across all sales channels. The powerful inriver PIM platform radically facilitates the creating, handling and distribution of perfect product information for a world-class customer experience in all channels, in multiple languages.

Configure price quote (CPQ)

A CPQ solution allows organizations with highly configurable product assortments to easily manage complex sales activities — without needing to calculate custom pricing manually. The add-on integrates directly with your ERP system and your web store.

Experlogix CPQ allows companies that offer customer-specific products and services to simplify the online buying experience while seamlessly managing the complexity of selecting features and options, up-sell and cross-sell items, and pricing discount policies in real-time.

Other add-ons

In addition to Sana Apps and our out-of-the-box add-on partners, Sana Commerce works with a variety of other e-commerce add-on partners and alliances that further enhance our product offering.

Easily calculate sales tax for your online orders with the integration of Avalara in your Dynamics AX-driven web store. Avalara is the market leading provider of sales tax and compliance automation services in the cloud.

K3 Pebblestone
K3|pebblestone Fashion is the leading business software solution for companies in the fashion industry, based on Microsoft Dynamics. K3|pebblestone’s features are fully incorporated into both your web store and the mobile app for sales agents.

Tweakwise Addon Logo
Tweakwise is an industry expert renowned for its pioneering search and merchandising solutions. Tweakwise’s advanced search and merchandising capabilities empower visitors to effortlessly find their desired products and discover other appealing product offerings organically.

UserCentric Logo
Through UserCentrics' platform integration, Sana Commerce Cloud provides a user-friendly solution for managing consent and permissions related to cookies. This eliminates compliance hassles and ensures effortless adherence to regulations.

Dynamsoft Logo
Dynamsoft Barcode Reader is an enterprise-grade software development kit (SDK) that empowers developers to integrate high-performance 1D and 2D barcode reading capabilities into their web, desktop, or mobile applications.

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