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Navigating the complexities of B2B Hazmat Shipping

Labelmaster, a leading player in shipping and storing hazmat goods catering to diverse industries, grapples with unique challenges in the B2B landscape. From shipping lithium batteries for E-bike companies to handling fragrances and paints, Labelmaster addresses a spectrum of niche markets, each with its distinct shipping regulations.


For a deeper understanding of Labelmaster’s operations, click to open the sections below and explore the specific channel and product complexities they face.

Pricing Structure

The company’s nuanced pricing, featuring tiered discounts and quantity break prices, demands a seamless online experience for accurate pricing presentation. Making web store adoption efficient becomes crucial as it connects the dots between standard retail prices and personalized rates. When negotiating terms, it’s all about setting up a tiered pricing structure, this calls for streamlined workflows to confirm orders and manage those multi-tiered approval processes seamlessly.

Multiple Warehouse Locations

Managing multiple warehouse locations adds another layer of complexity for Labelmaster. Meticulous back-end management is essential due to factors like product selection, customer ship-to locations, and shipping rate calculations. Dealing with various distribution layers requires informed purchasing decisions to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of price, availability, and shipping rates.

Marketplace Challenges

Being in a marketplace further complicates Labelmaster’s operations, as the company not only sells its products but also acts as a drop ship reseller. Challenges arise when shipping rates and availability remain uncertain, occasionally leading to orders being placed on hold until resolution. In this scenario, customers may find their orders paused, causing potential frustration due to uncertainties in shipping rates and availability.

Product Management and Customization

Labelmaster deals with some intricate products that come with various features in their pricing strategy. To keep things organized, each product solution gets its unique item number. This setup allows customization for specific product groups through a Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) system. This CPQ system isn’t just quietly working backstage – it actively simplifies the product lineup and empowers customers to configure products right on the webstore.

Regulatory Compliance and Transparency

Labelmaster strategically ensures compliance with hazmat rules by transparently presenting product descriptions and specifications on their web store. Beyond transactions, Labelmaster emphasizes customer education, actively engaging in hazmat regulations training sessions. This proactive approach helps customers stay informed about regulatory changes and ensures they have the necessary knowledge to navigate hazmat shipping requirements effectively.

Personalization and Unified Data

Personalized landing pages play a crucial role in presenting tailored product displays, which simplifies the purchasing process for individual customers. The combination of Perfion PIM and e-commerce serves as a unified data source for their extensive product catalog, ensuring streamlined shopping experiences and comprehensive product information access for customers. 

Innovative Integration

The integration of CMXL and OCI punchout with e-commerce adds an innovative dimension, facilitating seamless connections between procurement systems and Labelmaster’s platform. 

The challenge

Challenges Igniting Change: Unraveling the Hazmat Puzzle

In 2015, Labelmaster wrestled with hazmat shipping complexities, and their in-house solution, weighed down by manual processing inefficiencies, was coming up short. In their pursuit of scalability and automation, Labelmaster embarked on a quest for a robust B2B commerce solution.

Their journey led them to Sana Commerce, recommended by their ERP consulting group, Western. The decision to shift from a custom Cold Fusion website without a CMS to Sana’s platform was prompted by the need for a more user-friendly and efficient system. Key features of Sana, such as seamless product browsing and integrated checkout, emerged as crucial improvements. This marked the beginning of a transformative journey, navigating through hazmat shipping challenges and steering towards a more streamlined future.

“The bottom line primary objective questions are always related to how this change will improve our business, how do we improve customer acceptance and satisfaction, how do we improve revenue?”

Labelmaster Nathan Ayres, E-commerce manager at Labelmaster

The solution

Labelmaster’s Migration to Sana Commerce Cloud

Today, Labelmaster has migrated to Sana Commerce Cloud (SCC). This decision was motivated by the necessity for performance improvement and the attractiveness of new out-of-the-box features, offering enhanced cost efficiency and improved customer experience.

The goals for this migration were multi-faceted. Labelmaster aimed to:

  • Improve website performance
  • Enhance the user experience
  • Leverage the new standard features provided by SCC

This included tackling challenges related to checkout speed and overall integration improvements. The migration wasn’t just about upgrading technical capabilities; it was a deliberate step towards achieving specific business objectives and setting new standards.

“Moving to Sana CC was another easy decision. We knew there would be page load improvements, new customer features, and overall integration improvements with SCC.”

Labelmaster Nathan Ayres, E-commerce manager at Labelmaster

The results

Labelmaster’s Commerce Journey of Substantial Growth and Operational Enhancements

Since migrating to Sana Commerce Cloud (SCC) in 2023, Labelmaster’s e-commerce journey has blossomed into a narrative of substantial growth and operational enhancements.

Revenue Enhancement and Growth

Cracking the Code to Web Store Adoption

Since May 2023, Labelmaster has welcomed 4,000 new shop accounts, with a 25% surge in website traffic compared to 2022. Despite economic challenges impacting revenue and order count, the platform demonstrated noteworthy overall growth.

Revitalizing Revenue Streams

The UN number-based product configurator and customized landing pages proved instrumental, generating over $240,000 in revenue. The success underscores the platforms’ ability to handle complex product assortments, with the Product Catalog Synchronization feature.

Enhancing Online Visibility and Sales Growth

Through strategic SEO optimization, Labelmaster achieved remarkable success with products like Easy Cut Box Cutter knives. Prior to Sana Commerce, sales for these items were $100 per month. However, post-optimization with Sana, they secured a top-five ranking in searches, propelling sales to an impressive $5000 per month.

Sales Surge and Expedited Deliveries

Post-migration to Sana Commerce Cloud (SCC), Labelmaster experienced an impressive 42% surge in sales, specifically for products originating from their second location. The platform’s capability to seamlessly manage multiple warehouse operations played a pivotal role in achieving this remarkable sales surge, with shipments arriving 2-4 days faster near alternate delivery warehouses.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Gains

Efficiency Amplified Through Automation

Daily order processing soared by 50%, achieved with 20% fewer staff. The impactful automation features, including Automated Ordering and Replenishment, played a pivotal role in enhancing the operational efficiency of Labelmaster’s Sales Team and Customer Success.

Achieving Efficiency Through Automation

Streamlined Order Fulfillment empowered Labelmaster’s team to focus on value-added tasks, enabling them to process more web orders than ever before.

Streamlined Checkout Bliss

A notable outcome post-migration was the 50% reduction in checkout step load times, contributing to a smoother and more efficient purchasing process. This enhancement aligns with Labelmaster’s commitment to customer satisfaction and reflects positively on the platform’s user-centric design.

The transition from Sana 9, to Sana Commerce Cloud, marked a significant shift towards increased automation. Processes became more streamlined and efficient, making it easier to report crucial information back to the C-Suite”

Labelmaster Nathan Ayres, E-commerce manager at Labelmaster

Highlighted feature

Empowering Personalized B2B Shopping Experiences

In Labelmaster’s success story with Sana Commerce, one feature stands out – Product Catalog Synchronization. This powerful tool allowed Labelmaster to create highly customized landing pages tailored to specific customer needs. One striking example involved a customer who sought exclusivity in product access, desiring a limited selection for their buyers. Leveraging Sana Commerce’s capabilities, Labelmaster crafted a personalized landing page, strategically eliminating the standard website header and footer, and restricting access to search and browse features.

The outcome was a resounding success, with this customer experiencing a substantial increase in order volume. This not only showcased the flexibility and adaptability of Sana Commerce Cloud in handling complex product assortments but also highlighted its pivotal role in delivering a personalized and efficient B2B shopping experience for Labelmaster and its clients.

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