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Sana Commerce: A flexible e-commerce solution for small businesses

Scalable ERP e-commerce that accelerates business growth, without sacrificing efficiency or the quality of customer experience.

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Why invest (or reinvest) in SMB e-commerce?

Small and midsized organizations (SMBs) often have the same overarching goal in mind: growth, and lots of it. But many smaller businesses struggle to find ways to enhance and expand their brand presence, keep existing customers, acquire new ones and focus on a long-term business vision – all while working with limited budgets, resources and time. A dependable online channel, especially now, has become a true panacea and is key to unlocking omnichannel success.

Are you still selling purely offline? Then capture your piece of the market before your competitors do. Let us help you get started with our Ultimate Guide to E-Commerce: From Planning to Going Live.

If you’re ready to invest in e-commerce and take the next step, Sana Commerce (built for SAP and Microsoft Dynamics) may be the solution your business needs to gain a competitive edge now and keep up with changes in the market and in customer demand.

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Here's what our customers have to say:

“It seems that in today’s era, a strong online presence is the fastest and most efficient way to gain new customers. That’s why it is so important that we found a partner like Sana Commerce to grow our business and reach new people.”

Jason Hummert | Director of Marketing at Hummert International Read more
Hummert International

“We did consider Magento, but Sana is more cost-effective [and] as a growing business, we wanted a more powerful platform with more control. Sana is easy to use and will scale with our business. We’ve seen great conversion levels and the Sana web store allows us to continue to offer excellent customer care.”

Marta Dyer Smith | E-Commerce Manager at Jim Lawrence Read more
Jim Lawrence

Sana Commerce was an easy choice because of the full integration with our existing Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. Our main concerns were whether we were going to have a reliable and secure platform and whether it was going to be too labor-intensive for a company of our size… But our new platform has been created for us to be able to do that.

Barry Kozlowski | Vice President at Alko Distributors Read more
Alko Distributors

“Our Sana Commerce web store is a big win for us. Before, e-commerce was just an addition to our business. Now it’s the livelihood of the business. We do everything online through the site, which lets us help our customers 10x faster than we could before.”

Gary Rollar Jr. | VP of Operations at PTL ONE Read more

How Sana Commerce fits small business e-commerce needs

Enabling limitless, yet graceful, growth

Finally, we’ve uncovered the best-kept secret of agile, efficient organizations: ERP e-commerce.

With an ERP-integrated approach to e-commerce, like ours, you get a scalable solution with real-time data and 24/7 always-on revenue stream. This means all the comprehensive pricing, customer, and product information in your ERP is always reflected accurately in your web store including: dynamic pricing, volume- and tier-discounts, and automatically calculated sales tax and added fees. Together, these advantages make it easy to grow and scale your business. 

Here are a few more ways we help small businesses achieve lasting success:

Streamlined online order processing
Streamlined online order processing

Ensure accuracy and fast turnaround, thanks to real-time orders and data integration. Any order placed online instantly appears in your ERP, and our real-time data validation ensures this is foolproof, always.

Business evolution
Support for business evolution

Looking to expand into new markets or sell direct-to-consumer? Our solution enables these changes, and is among the mere 40% of B2B e-commerce solution providers offering multilanguage and multicurrency support.

agility and future-readiness
Embrace digital transformation

Kick off your business’ digital transformation by embracing e-commerce. An online sales channel can help your organization prepare for future disruptors. A Sana solution helps you do all this without impacting existing operations.

Why choose Sana Commerce?

Among e-commerce solutions for small and midsized businesses, Sana Commerce is the only ERP-integrated platform that eliminates the silos often caused by standalone, low-cost shopping cart solutions and that unlocks:

  • Total customer convenience: Offer unlimited personalization and design capabilities with our intuitive in-page editor, plus a B2B-optimized checkout flow
  • Reliability without compromise: Guarantee data accuracy and complete transparency for accelerated revenue growth, error-free online purchasing and hassle-free web store management
  • Constant evolution: Provide an efficient e-commerce solution that moves your business online, lowers operational costs, and boosts customer acquisition and retention.

E-commerce for Dynamics

E-Commerce for SAP
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