4 steps to convince your internal stakeholders about e-commerce: PPT template

Use our free e-commerce internal resistance PowerPoint presentation (PPT) template to convince your internal stakeholders of the benefits of having a B2B
e-commerce solution.

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How will this PPT template help you?

Does this sound familiar – You want to ensure that your company welcomes a digital e-commerce platform and embraces it as part of its regular day-to-day business? But your internal stakeholders aren’t convinced of the benefits of e-commerce? This PPT template will help you win over your boss and colleagues.

Convince your internal stakeholders with these 4 simple steps:

  1. Find out who in your organization is opposed to the digital transition
  2. Educate yourself about the benefits of B2B integrated e-commerce
  3. Convince all stakeholders in your organization of the value of B2B integrated e-commerce
  4. Show that you are ready to get started with B2B e-commerce

What’s included in the PPT template?

This template is perfect for anyone (regardless of your department) who is currently involved or looking to start an e-commerce project. Because e-commerce has such a profound impact on the entire organization it’s important to get your stakeholders on board early on. Topics include:

List of common misunderstandings

Get to know the common opponents (to internal resistance) and a list of the most common misunderstandings when it comes to e-commerce.

Proven strategies

Discover proven strategies to convince all your internal stakeholders, regardless of their position or department.

Additional templates

Access other useful templates like for example ROI template, User Stories template and examples, and RFP template and vendor-rating system.

Key Benefits of integrated e-commerce

Learn about the key benefits of integrated e-commerce and use these facts to assure your internal stakeholders that having an e-commerce platform will aid your company’s performance.

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