Episode 18: Searching for opportunities in the blue ocean of B2B e-commerce

Searching for opportunities in the blue ocean of B2B e-commerce

Isaiah Bollinger, CEO at Trellis, and Timothy Peterson, Client Advocate at Trellis, from “The Hard Truth About B2B E-Commerce” podcast join Arno for this special episode. These B2B e-commerce experts talk about how and why the largest brands in B2C e-commerce are just now waking up to the B2B market.

Even so, they face strong headwinds in the B2B space because of the unique challenges faced by B2B companies. Overall, these two experts underline the need for B2B-first thinking and features.

Listen and learn:
  • The value of direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales
  • Why some niche markets have yet to be catered to in B2B
  • The opportunities for B2B companies to grow like their B2C counterparts

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