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Introducing Dynamic Redirects: Maximize Your Site Search Experience

Barbra Barcenas
January 9, 2024

The introduction of dynamic redirects strengthens Sana Commerce Cloud’s search functionality. When you have an inventory that is tens of thousands products long, how do you make sure your customers find what they’re looking for? Optimizing your site search is an actionable step to ensuring a faster conversion path online.

To do this, you require a product that is intuitive and can understand B2B-specific product complexity. When you optimize site search, you improve customer satisfaction with functionality that meets their needs.

What are dynamic redirects and how do they work?

Dynamic redirects are a practical tool that guides your customers directly to the content they’re searching for.

How it works: When a customer enters a search term, dynamic redirects replace the typical list of search results with a specific webstore page.

Instead of sifting through multiple product options, customers are instantly directed to the most relevant page, making their journey more efficient.

Benefits of dynamic redirects

  1. Precision in search results: By avoiding a generic list of results, dynamic redirects ensure that customers land on pages tailored to their search terms.
  2. Brand and category focus: You can leverage dynamic redirects to guide your customers to specific brand pages or product categories, thus refining their search experience.
  3. Streamlined customer journey: Reduce the steps between search and purchase by cutting out unnecessary clicks. Dynamic redirects make it more likely that customers will find what they’re looking for quickly.
  4. Reduced product complexity: B2B buyers typically know what they need and make repeat purchases. Given that suppliers often present extensive product ranges, dynamic redirects helps to simplify and streamline the purchase journey.

Implementing dynamic redirects: a practical guide

  1. Access dynamic redirects: In your Sana Admin, go to Setup > Search & filters > Dynamic redirects.
  2. Add a dynamic redirect: Click “Add dynamic redirect” on the Dynamic Redirects page.
  3. Enable dynamic redirect: Activate the “Enable dynamic redirect” option.
  4. Select webstore page: Choose the relevant webstore page for redirection.
  5. Enter search terms: Define the search terms that trigger the redirect.
  6. Save and optimize: Save your dynamic redirect settings and monitor performance to fine-tune as needed.

Key features of Sana Commerce Cloud’s search functionality

  • Search suggestions: Users get real-time suggestions, which speeds up the search process.
  • Dynamic redirects for targeted navigation: Guide customers to specific pages based on their search terms for a more focused experience.
  • Configurable keyword fields: Tailor search suggestions by adding product categories.
  • Phonetic search: Mobile search has increased autocorrect errors – accounting for spelling mistakes ensures the customer experience journey remains uninterrupted.

Improve your customer experience with dynamic redirects

By streamlining the search process and directing customers straight to relevant content, dynamic redirects enhances the user experience and increases the likelihood of conversion and retention.

B2B buyers today expect all the convenience of a B2C e-commerce experience when shopping online. Translate your product complexity to an intuitive search experience with ease by implementing dynamic redirects.

Simplify your site search and improve your B2B e-commerce journey with Sana Commerce Cloud.

Take a closer look at how Sana Commerce Cloud can work for your business.

Discover a solution that prioritizes the customer journey.