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Introducing editable product lines: Customize your product list with ease

Savannah Hristov
February 5, 2024
Sana Commerce Cloud editable product list feature

It’s about time to give your product list pages the makeover they’ve been waiting for. Impress buyers and modernize your web store effortlessly.

Now, you can create a customized product list page without involving developers. We’ve made it easier and simpler to modify the look and feel of your product list overview. Product lines are now completely editable. Attract new buyers with a product page customized just for them.

In the past, each element used to be shown on a ‘static’ product line and no changes to this format were possible. The main update means these elements have now been transformed into single content elements.

What are Editable Product Lines and how do they work?

What is a product line?

In e-commerce, a product line refers to a collection of related products being sold on the web store. They often share a common characteristic like theme, purpose, or target audience.

Product lines are helpful when you’d like to organize and categorize a diverse range of products, making it easier for customers to navigate and find what they’re looking for. In the Sana Admin, the product list overview content element is used to show the list of products which belong to a product set on the product list and search results pages.

The fact that these lines are now editable means that your business can design and create a layout for product lines for your buyers, using the Visual Designer within the Sana Admin.

In practical terms, you can now:

  • Reposition product lines within the layout of a web page,
  • Remove elements that display irrelevant product information
  • Add product content that is highly relevant for your specific customers.

Benefits of Editable Product Lines

  1. Improve customer experience when you show your buyers relevant or frequently purchased products early in the customer journey.
  2. Increase web store adoption. The Editable Product Lines feature enables more control over how you would like to display product lines on your web store. By adding the most purchased items first, you make this process more convenient. Buyers are then quick to use your web store and even quicker to click “add to cart”.
  3. Create a more customized and flexible web store. Enjoy the benefits of Sana Commerce Cloud because anyone can add content elements to the product lines without breaking the SaaS model. This user-friendly interface needs less time and effort to create a product list page that meets the customer’s expectations.
  4. Increase sales volume. Experience more opportunities for upsell and cross-sell with increased control over how you’d like to display products lines. Remove all confusion and time wasted by excluding the elements that aren’t relevant for the customer.

Implementing Editable Product Lines: a practical guide

Products on the product list and search results pages can be presented in two modes: list or grid. Using the “Sort by” field, a customer can sort the products on the product list and search results pages. Data which should be used for sorting can be configured in the search settings in Sana Admin.

  1. In Sana Admin open the ‘Product List’ system page.
  2. Locate the ‘Product List Overview’ content element within the layout of this page.
  3. Click on > ‘Edit Element” to initiate the edit mode.
  4. On the ‘Content’ tab a new Visual Designer layer is revealed.
  5. Within this layer, you’ll encounter the layout for a single product line in list view and a product tile in grid view. This dual-view design offers flexibility in presenting your product information.
  6. On the ‘Advanced’ tab, you can configure height, width and spacing settings.

Attract buyers with an enhanced product list overview

The recent enhancements to Sana Commerce Cloud focus on revamping your product list pages for a more user-friendly and contemporary experience. With the introduction of Editable Product Lines, you now have the freedom to curate what your buyers see. Effortlessly adjust the layout of your webpage, eliminate irrelevant product information, and incorporate content specifically tailored to your customers.

The updated features offer a range of benefits, providing a dynamic and personalized touch to your e-commerce web store. Elevate your customer’s online experience with these exciting improvements.

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