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Introducing Subscriptions: Drive recurring revenue and optimize sales operations

Barbra Barcenas
February 22, 2024
Introducing Subscriptions: Drive recurring revenue and optimize sales operations

We know the future is subscription-driven, and B2B e-commerce is no exception. Thanks to our newest subscriptions feature, buyers can now make repeat purchases on your web store as easily as subscribing to a popular streaming platform.

Introducing subscriptions for B2B

In simple terms, B2B buyers can now use a subscription feature to serve themselves. This automates the reorder process allowing them to receive certain products or services from a B2B supplier regularly.

Instead of placing individual orders each time, B2B buyers set up a subscription, and the supplier automatically delivers the items on a scheduled basis.

Subscriptions offer buyers a convenient and effortless way to make regular purchases. Web stores can also use this feature to streamline and automate repetitive purchasing, freeing up their team to focus on building valuable relationships and growing the business.

Benefits of subscriptions

Subscriptions are a way to empower buyers with flexible purchasing options that both secures recurring revenue and provide you with actionable data insights.

  1. Increased predictability and convenience: In a B2B use case, set delivery schedules ensure that suppliers always have the necessary items on hand without the hassle of constantly reordering. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of stockouts, helping maintain a seamless workflow and keeps customers happy.
  2. Save costs: As a result of this increased predictability, the procurement department can order goods in bulk, which often reduces cost per unit (CPU) and increases profit margins. Additionally, the streamlined ordering process minimizes administrative work, further cutting operational expenses.
  3. Improve customer loyalty by building lasting relationships between suppliers and businesses. To encourage buyers to use their online platform, many B2B web stores offer discounts or incentives for subscribing, helping suppliers build closer relationships with buyers.
  4. Gain competitive advantage: By showcasing commitment to innovation and meeting customer needs, you both attract new customers to your web store and enhance brand reputation as you position yourself as a leader in your industry.

Key features of subscriptions:

  • Customer-centric ordering: Subscriptions allows your B2B buyers to receive orders straight to their door, without lifting a finger. This functionality enables end-users to customize order frequency, pause or cancel subscriptions, and selectively include or exclude products.
  • Flexible scheduling options: Some customers may prefer weekly deliveries, while others opt for monthly ones. Improve customer satisfaction by offering easily adjustable subscription settings in the “My Account” section. Customers can also pause or cancel subscriptions and exclude specific products from their orders.
  • (COMING SOON!) Access to advanced analytics: In the upcoming coming quarter, you will receive valuable insights into subscription customers purchase behavior through business intelligence and analytics features in the Sana Admin. This will include tracking key metrics such as customers, active subscriptions, popular products, and projected revenue. This will contribute towards optimizing stock levels and predicting future orders.

Implementing subscriptions: a practical guide

Implementing subscriptions in Sana Commerce Cloud is a straightforward process. To enable subscriptions in your Sana Admin, follow these steps:

  1. Click on “Setup” in your Sana Admin
  2. Navigate to “Ordering”
  3. Within the Ordering section, you’ll find the “Subscriptions” tab
  4. In the Subscriptions tab, you can enable subscriptions and configure their frequency

By default, the “Enable subscriptions” option is disabled. It’s important to note that several dependencies can influence the availability of the subscriptions feature.

Note: this feature does not support the usage of credit cards to renew subscriptions yet.

For the time being, all payments are processed on the B2B buyer account. This means there is a need for manual oversight from our Sana customers. This is to ensure that buyers are correctly paying for the products they are receiving.

Drive recurring revenue and optimize sales operations

Offering hassle-free repetitive ordering processes increases web store adoption and frees up valuable time for your internal teams to focus on tasks that require a human touch. With regular, reliable deliveries, your B2B buyers will trust you as a supplier that meets their needs consistently.

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