United Pacific Industries' B2B Commerce Transformation

How a leader in the automotive spare parts industry boosted operational efficiency with Sana Commerce Cloud.

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Navigating the Intricate Channels of B2B Automotive

United Pacific Industries, a leader in the automotive parts sector for over four decades, faces many challenges in the dynamic landscape of B2B commerce. With over 20,000 SKUs and a diverse clientele spanning international markets and catering to commercial truck enterprises, United Pacific Industries complexities are as vast as the open road.


For a deeper understanding of United Pacific’s operations, click to open the sections below and explore the specific channel and product complexities they face.

Pricing Dynamics

B2B pricing isn’t a one-size-fits-all for United Pacific Industries. Dealing with various manufacturers means diverse pricing structures. Each customer receives a personalized price based on various factors.

Handling Product Attributes

United Pacific Industries faced challenges managing products with multiple attributes, such as color variations. This called for a platform that could streamline attribute customization, providing a user-friendly display.

Customization Options

While customers can customize some products on the web store, it adds complexity to inventory management and order fulfillment. Balancing customization for engagement without creating chaos is key.

Displaying Product Components

Displaying product components and detailed technical drawings on the web store is tricky. Offering comprehensive product information boosts confidence in buyers but presents technical and design challenges.

Ensuring Smooth Shopping

With a catalog of 20,000 SKUs, United Pacific Industries requires a web store with user-friendly navigation. Advanced search features and easy-to-use interfaces are must-haves for customers to find what they need hassle-free.

The challenge

Striving for Efficiency and Adaptability

United Pacific Industries set out to simplify their B2B operations, aiming to boost efficiency and elevate customer service. Their traditional manual order system proved tedious and prone to errors, prompting the search for a more streamlined solution. Realizing the limitations of mainstream e-commerce platforms, they looked for a vendor who could adapt to their unique needs.

Their quest brought them to Sana Commerce, a solution that caught their attention not only for its robust features and B2B expertise but also for the people behind it—individuals who were eager to listen, comprehend, and devise tailored solutions to address their specific challenges.

“Sana’s willingness to listen to our needs, understand our problems, and offer tailored solutions that benefit our customers sets them apart. Without genuine collaboration and understanding, projects often fall short of expectations”

united-pacific-customer-logo-color Jai Baek, Marketing & Creative Director at United Pacific

The solution

Discovering the right fit: From Magento to Sana Commerce

After evaluating numerous e-commerce solutions, United Pacific Industries stumbled upon Sana Commerce based on recommendations from industry peers. Frustrations with Magento prompted them to explore alternatives, and Sana Commerce emerged as the right solution for their complex B2B needs.

Key features like the pricing tool and attribute display played a pivotal role in their decision-making process, offering cost-effective solutions and seamless integration from Microsoft Dynamics to the front end.

In their pursuit of a better B2B digital commerce platform, three primary goals came to light:

  • Streamlined Order Process: United Pacific Industries sought to simplify their order processing system, reducing manual efforts and minimizing errors in customer transactions.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Enhancing the overall customer experience became a top priority. They aimed to provide customers with a seamless and user-friendly interface, making it effortless to browse products, place orders, and access personalized pricing information.
  • Efficient Integration and Migration: United Pacific Industries aimed for seamless integration and migration from Magento to Sana Commerce, aiming to minimize disruption to their operations and ensure a smooth transition for both staff and customers.

By homing in on these objectives, United Pacific Industries aimed to optimize their operations, fortify customer relationships, and position themselves for long-term success.

“Sana’s comprehensive IT support, from developers to regular assistance, was a game-changer for us. When comparing platforms, it was a no-brainer – Sana offered a superior support system tailored to our needs, leveraging our product database in Microsoft Dynamics.”

united-pacific-customer-logo-color Jai Baek, Marketing & Creative Director at United Pacific

The results

United Pacific Industries’ B2B Commerce Transformation for Enhanced Efficiency

United Pacific Industries’ transition to Sana Commerce Cloud marks a significant milestone in their journey towards operational efficiency. Here’s a look at the tangible outcomes following their migration:

Efficiency Boost

Moving to online orders has smoothed out United Pacific Industries’ processes, cutting down on manual work and simplifying the order journey. This not only makes things easier behind the scenes but also steps up the game for customer satisfaction.

Empowering Team Effectiveness

Since making the switch to Sana Commerce, United Pacific Industries have noticed a game-changing time savings of 20-30 minutes per order. This means less time spent on the phone taking orders and more time for the team to focus on building relationships and big-picture strategies.

Web Store Adoption Unleashed

The numbers tell the story: United Pacific Industries’ web store is buzzing with over 1,000 B2B customers actively using the web store, pumping out more than 500 invoices a month. This spike in online activity proves the platform’s worth in engaging customers and making transactions seamless.

Simplified Catalog Management

With Sana Commerce Cloud in place, United Pacific Industries has slashed the time it takes to manage their catalog. They no longer need to manually upload product data. Now, with automation through their backend database, catalog upkeep is much more efficient.

Boosting Cost Efficiency and Revenue Stream

Since the move to Sana Commerce, United Pacific Industries has seen sales shoot up by around 20%. Plus, they’ve got a better handle on costs and are seeing an improvement in their total cost of ownership. The platform’s features, like detailed product descriptions and slick integration with Salesforce, are key players in this success story.

“Sana’s web store has been a game-changer for us. With in-depth product descriptions, seamless upselling, and integrated Salesforce, we’ve elevated our sales strategies and effortlessly generate customer leads. It’s a testament to the power of innovation in transforming our business”

united-pacific-customer-logo-color Jai Baek, Marketing & Creative Director at United Pacific

Highlighted feature

Streamlining Inventory Efficiency with Product Catalog Synchronization

United Pacific web store powered by Sana Commerce screenshot

In the United Pacific and Sana Commerce story, the Product Catalog feature stands out as a game-changer. This powerful tool allowed United Pacific Industries to seamlessly sync their extensive product catalog across their e-commerce platform.

With Product Catalog Synchronization, United Pacific Industries gained complete control and consistency in showcasing their products online. They could effortlessly update product details, add new items, and manage inventory levels with precision, ensuring reliability for their customers.

Moreover, this feature streamlined internal processes, reducing manual efforts and eliminating errors associated with manual catalog management. United Pacific Industries could focus more resources on strategic initiatives and customer engagement, driving long-term growth and success.

The Product Catalog Synchronization feature underscores Sana Commerce’s commitment to providing tailored solutions for the unique needs of B2B businesses like United Pacific Industries. It represents a cornerstone in United Pacific Industries’ digital transformation journey, amplifying operational efficiency and delivering exceptional value to their customers.

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