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With its new e-commerce platform, Vittoria can process more orders and improve service without growing its team.

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  • Annual production of more than 7 million tires and 900,000 famous tubulars and cotton tires
  • Entered the premium wheels market in 2014


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The challenge

Searching for a convenient web store that met all internal departments’ needs

After going live with the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP in 2009, Vittoria starting using a web-based documentation system for sales reps to place orders online. Although a significant step forward, the system proved difficult to use. It didn’t offer enough flexibility or convenience, and it wasn’t accessible for all clients.

The initial push for an online sales portal came from internal teams at Vittoria that wanted more flexibility. The Sales department wished to provide access to everyone. Clients and sales representatives alike needed to be able to see the most current product details and inventory, at any given time. The Sales team also stressed that they wanted a solution that was connected to Dynamics AX. It had to be easy to manage and they wanted one interface, not two.

IT had their own requirement: they needed next level security. The current solution required intricate and time-consuming processes to manage access to profile-based content. To protect sensitive information and to hide irrelevant information as applicable to different user roles, IT had to create a unique profile for each new user that required access to the web-based documentation system.


The solution

Seamless integration and quick implementation

“Everyone wanted a modern and flexible improvement, recalls Viaroli. “We had to investigate and find that better solution.” Because Vittoria outsources most of such development projects, Viaroli knew from day one that integrated e-commerce capabilities were essential. “If I had to build a connection from scratch between a website and AX,” explains Viaroli, “it would have been way too expensive. We wanted an easy solution that would integrate with AX.”

“Our ERP partner provided several options, but when they showed me Sana, I understood it. I saw the potential, which is that you already have a connection in place between the ERP and web store. We wouldn’t have to ask our people to enable productivity in one place, change the price in another place and change a picture in yet somewhere else. Everything would be centralized in our ERP: Vittoria’s single source of truth,” says Viaroli.

Integration was always the most important factor

Viaroli presented the various solutions suggested by their ERP partner in the annual budget meeting, and it was clear and agreed that Sana Commerce was the right solution for Vittoria. “When we presented the options to our sales director and managers, we also showed the other options and made a comparison, but we’d already developed a strong preference for Sana at that point,” says Viaroli.

“Integration was always the most important factor,” explains Viaroli, “which made Sana Commerce the natural choice. We also liked the approach Sana took with us. Our contact person was always available if we needed anything. At all times when we had a question, Sana was quick to answer — they even shared a web machine with us without waiting for a request. The original demo to Vittoria was personalized to include a bike — and that was of course much appreciated!”

Our ERP partner provided several options, but when they showed me Sana Commerce, I understood it. I saw the potential. Integration was always the most important factor, which made Sana the natural choice.

Vittoria Marco Viaroli | Global ERP Manager at Vittoria

The results

International sales boost, increased efficiency and improved service

Thanks to its Sana Commerce web store, Vittoria benefited from the following results:

  • International sales boost: According to Viaroli, Sana also gave them a big advantage in their international endeavors. “Especially in the US, without an online platform, you are out of the game.” Vittoria’s sales have risen in the US and around the world since going live with their (B2B) Sana web store. “Both our business and our product range have grown a lot since 2013, and we are currently managing more orders with the same number of people,” says Viaroli.
  • Increased efficiency: In no time at all Vittoria drastically reduced the number of requests, phone calls and emails. Clients could place their orders themselves and no longer needed the assistance of a customer service representative. “Sana made it possible for us to reduce the workload in our customer service department. That was our primary goal.”
  • Improved service: “Now when we call a customer, it is to address a situation that needs personal attention, not just to ask them for credit card details. That’s because the platform is fully integrated.” Viaroli sums up Vittoria’s experience with Sana’s e-commerce platform perfectly: “B2B sales involve such complex pricing structures, discount structures and configurations — for these reasons, we will stay loyal to Sana. We know that they provide the skill and willingness to help us. This solution covers all of the key points we identified.”

Now when we call a customer, it is to address a situation that needs personal attention, not just to ask them for credit card details. That’s because the platform is fully integrated.

Vittoria Marco Viaroli | Global ERP Manager at Vittoria

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