Exponential growth led Richa to find a more efficient way to process orders. Discover how it met its goals and more.

  • Designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality motorcycle gear since 1956
  • Focus on maximum safety and comfort
  • Competes on the quality of its products and services

Time saving

of 2 full-time employees (FTEs)


 inventory questions

Margin of error

reduced from 1 in 100 to 1 in 1000

The challenge

Streamlining processes amid exponential growth

Richa has been growing exponentially for years, thanks in part to an ever-expanding collection of motorcycle clothes and accessories. The company offers gear in different price ranges, for everyone from budget-conscious beginners to professional motorcyclists. While this ensures that Richa is able to provide for a diverse range of clients, it does pose administrative challenges:

The solution

Automation through a new IT setup

Richa knew that there had to be a more efficient way to process its administration, so it turned to its IT partner TCOG for help. It soon became clear that it was time for a new IT setup.

The company decided to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. It also professionalized its warehouse using a bar code scanning system developed by TCOG. This would let it improve the creation and management of packing slips. However, it wouldn’t help Richa streamline its inventory information provision. For that, TCOG had a separate solution: Sana Commerce, the only solution able to integrate with TCOG’s fashion-specific module.

Sana Commerce’s seamless integration with Dynamics NAV was promising, as Richa’s entire IT landscape was based on Microsoft Office. However, it also had to be a hit with its dealer network.

“A number of our clients were more than willing to take part in our test case,” says Cassiman. During the test, the web store grew from a platform used purely to share inventory data to a comprehensive communications channel. “We post news about the new product arrivals, but also links where dealers can download product information, images and marketing tools.”

Sana Commerce was also able to streamline order processing. “Clients can easily select the style and size they need in a product matrix and add it to their shopping cart,” says Cassiman. “And when they receive their order confirmation, they can immediately see the right price, including any customer-specific discounts.”

The results

Time savings, fewer errors and new audiences

Sana Commerce forms part of a new seamlessly integrated setup that has helped Richa realize tangible improvements:

  • Time saving of 2 full-time employees: “Before, we had two people working full-time on processing orders and manually keying them into our system. With our new B2B portal, our people can focus on what is really important: offering an excellent client service and pro-active support,” says Cassiman.
  • Fewer inventory questions: Clients know that they can find the answer to their questions online. This saves a lot of phone calls and email conversations.
  • Fewer errors: The scanning system implemented by TCOG prevents a lot of discussion, and helped Rocha bring its margin of error down from 1 in 100 to 1 in 1000.
  • Shorter turnaround: This new method of creating and processing packing slips has also helped bring down order turnaround times. In place of spending time manually creating packing slips, they are now scanned and automatically generated, which speeds up the turnaround process by as much as two days
  • Reaching a new audience: Providing even better service for existing clients wasn’t enough for Richa. In addition to its B2B portal, the company has also launched a new direct-to-consumer (DTC) web store.

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