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Food and Beverage

E-commerce platform for the food and beverage industry

Looking to speed up sales, while increasing convenience and reliability for your customers? In the food and beverage industry, getting your data right on your e-commerce website is key to be successful. So, if you already store all your business logic and data in your ERP, it makes sense to start here. At Sana Commerce, we make your SAP or Microsoft Dynamics ERP and e-commerce work as one. This means that we can show the data and logic you’ve built in your ERP on your web store in real-time, without duplication or manual synchronization.

With our e-commerce knowledge and portfolio of food and beverage companies, our solution unlocks 3 main benefits that allow you to create and nurture lasting relationships with your customers.

Total customer convenience

Empower your customers with personalized self-service in an easy-to-use web store — even outside of office hours, when your catering and hospitality customers are still at work — with features such as:

Hyper-personalized web store

Customer-specific pricing, invoices, shipment status, online and offline order history and more personalization are all available, out-of-the-box

Personalized marketing

Order templates

Customers can create order templates to easily add recurring orders straight into their shopping baskets.

Re-ordering functionalities

Price per UoM

Help customers make comparisons quickly, by showing both price per item and per unit of measurement (UoM).

Price per UOM

F&B filters

Filter all your products according to attributes set in your ERP, from alcohol percentage to organic or gluten free.


Account managers

This allows, for example, chefs to enter their own orders in the e-commerce platform, while managers only need to approve them.

Account managers

Documentation portal

Give customers transparency over ingredients, cooking instructions, allergens and food origins.

Documentation online
Personalized marketing Re-ordering functionalities Price per UOM Filters Account managers Documentation online
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Reliability without compromise

Give your customers a reliable online experience and eliminate errors and delays, so your customers have the right supplies when they need them.

Error alerts
Elimination of errors and no more delayed or (too) early deliveries

Get rid of siloed data, order errors, or missing orders, and delayed, or (too) early orders, thanks to your ERP and e-commerce working as one.

Real-time inventory information
Real-time inventory information

Thanks to your ERP and e-commerce working as one, your web store only lets you sell what’s available in the ERP, with inventory levels updated in real-time.

Price changes
Accurate pricing

From customer-specific prices to seasonal fluctuations, the complex pricing structures built in your ERP are translated into the online sales environment.

Constant evolution

Quickly and easily adapt your business to meet and exceed your F&B customers’ evolving expectations.

  • Fast go-to-market: Easily add product lines to react to new trends and seasonal demands, or to expand your product offering.
  • Add new B2C or B2b web stores: Quickly launch separate portals to reach new markets, all managed from a single tool.
  • Adapt to changing regional legislation:Once you make the change in our ERP, the same logic will be immediately applied to your e-commerce website(s) without disruption.

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Ideal Protein

“The purpose [of the web store] isn’t necessarily to drive more business. It’s to offer a tool for our customers to easily order from us, [and the Sana solution] has enabled that capability for us.”

Bryan Belanger | VP of Technology at Ideal Protein Read more
Ideal Protein

E-commerce for the food, beverage and catering industry

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