IT Stand Up Series Videocast

Grab your coffee cup and join the IT revolution. This videocast hosted by Arno Ham is an essential part of your IT content diet with digestible trends and tips.

Your regular dose of IT news

If you work in a scrum system, you probably already have a stand-up meeting. Well, you haven’t had one quite like this.

In this recorded IT Stand Up, IT expert Arno Ham will present valuable discussions with other high-profile IT leaders about the latest news in the world of Information Technology. He’ll be able to speak to aspects of IT roles that mostly go unnoticed and unremarked.

Trends come and go, but Arno will frame conversations around what news you should be paying attention to, what you should ignore, and how to tell the difference between the two. And of course, these IT legends will let you know just how to ride the wave and leverage a new trend to your advantage in a variety of fields from B2B e-commerce to omnichannel strategy.

Every Monday we will release new bite-sized episodes that slot perfectly in between your morning coffee and your first meetings.

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The speaker

Arno Ham

Arno is the Chief Product Officer at Sana Commerce. For over a decade and a half, Arno has had his eyes on the horizon to see what tech advancements and trends he can practically apply to provide the best experience for B2B sellers and buyers.

Arno Ham