Sana Commerce partners with Dynamsoft to create a seamless B2B online experience

Sana Editorial Team
December 6, 2023

[Rotterdam, The Netherlands, October 2023] – Sana Commerce is overjoyed to announce a strategic partnership with Dynamsoft. Dynamsoft is trusted by over 10,000 Companies for enterprise barcode scanning and document capture in the most demanding conditions.

Simplifying B2B customer experience with barcode scanning

As Sana Commerce collaborates with Dynamsoft, customers get to experience scanning technology like never before. Barcode scanning offers a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes and helps streamline operations. B2B customers use their own smart devices and therefore don’t require investment in machinery.

To read more about barcode scanning technology, read our blog on how mobile barcode scanning can elevate your B2B web store.

Dynamsoft makes fast and accurate barcode scanning possible, whether it’s 1D, 2D, batch, blurred, distorted, distant or moving. This partnership enables web store customers to scan products with ease.

Seamless reordering: Cutting-edge B2B technology

With user-friendly barcode scanning technology, businesses can reduce order errors since customers know exactly what they want. Customers remain loyal when they know this quick and easy functionality is available to them, boosting customer satisfaction and optimizing e-commerce experiences.

Dynamsoft commented on the partnership, stating:

Dynamsoft is particularly enthusiastic about its strategic collaboration with Sana Commerce, aimed at providing a state-of-the-art B2B commerce solution that optimizes and streamlines business processes. This partnership with Sana Commerce serves to reinforce Dynamsoft’s presence in the e-commerce sphere. Such a collaborative initiative holds the potential to bolster the market positioning of both our organizations, ultimately propelling us towards the aspiration of becoming industry leaders in the e-commerce sector.

Unlocking ultimate customer satisfaction with Dynamsoft

As a result of this partnership, Dynamsoft’s barcode scanning technology is available as a paid add-on content element in the Sana Admin. By integrating Dynamsoft’s award winning technology within the Sana Commerce Cloud solution, B2B companies can keep customers coming back with simplified ordering and reordering.

Using the Bluetooth barcode scanner content element, you can scan the product barcodes and quickly add them to the shopping cart. When a customer scans the barcode of a product, the Bluetooth barcode scanner inserts it into the search box. If a product with this barcode exists, it will be automatically added to the shopping cart.

About Sana Commerce

Sana Commerce is an e-commerce platform with over 15 years’ experience with B2B manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. This platform is designed to foster lasting relationships with customers who depend on them by placing the ERP at heart.

Sana achieves this by integrating the ERP system and e-commerce to work as one. This updates website information in real-time and helps eliminate the system silos, unnecessary complexities and compromises caused by mainstream e-commerce solutions.

Sana Commerce is a certified SAP and Microsoft Gold partner, backed by a strong global partner network and recognized by leading industry experts.

About Dynamsoft

Dynamsoft is a Canadian company specializing in computer vision developer tools. They are focused on helping developers integrate barcode scanning and document capture into web, desktop and mobile applications to streamline workflows and cut costs. Their SDKs are optimized for speed, accuracy and scale in the most rigorous enterprise settings.

With Dynamsoft, your data stays secure, encrypted and within your network. Security is a top priority. That’s why they’re ISO 27001 certified. They have also been powering digital transformations and driving cost savings for global financial, logistics, retail and healthcare companies for the past 20 years.