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Sales & Channel Support

Complete B2B Self-Service

Boost purchasing confidence and make life easier for your sales team with an extensive suite of self-service functionalities designed for complex B2B scenarios.

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Empower buyers with extensive
web store self-service

Support your buyers with a full suite of easy-to-use self-service tools, including access to a personalized real-time dashboard where they can view their quotes, sales agreements, order history and refunds at their convenience. Sana Commerce Cloud empowers your buyers to quickly manage their orders online, with flexible payment solutions and extensive shipment options.

Customer account self-service

B2B buying comes with many complexities that have traditionally kept customers from self-service. But with Sana Commerce Cloud, your B2B web store manages the complexities so your sales team can spend time supporting customers with the topics that really require the human touch.

  • Support customers by placing orders for them in real-time.
  • Increase transparency with online access to view offline and online order history.
  • Manage customer accounts on behalf of customers with our sales agent functionality.
  • Manage your order approval workflow with company account hierarchies.
  • Apply all your unique business rules down to the account level.
  • Grant clear budget limitations to your account management team without worrying about missed approvals and overspending.

Payment solutions

Sana Commerce Cloud integrates data from your web store, ERP and payment solution so your customers can do more online without having to waste time on the phone with a representative.

  • Enable customers to pay orders directly during checkout via account receivables or payment platforms.
  • Automate your online refunds and returns process and create a hassle-free post-purchase experience.

Shipping & logistics

Where most web stores fail to adequately handle the complexity needed for B2B shipping and logistics, Sana Commerce Cloud has all the bases covered, enabling you to accommodate your buyer’s entire purchasing journey online – regardless of your units of measure.

  • Offer fixed and real-time shipping methods and costs based on country, order total, weight, and dimensions.
  • Accommodate every shape and size of B2B shipment with real-time shipping options based on your ERP.
  • Enhance purchasing confidence with always-accurate information, all configured with your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP system.

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“The minute that the customer places an order, the customer, the order, down and incoming payment is created in the system, which makes accounting, warehouse and sales happy, and most important the customer is happy.”

Greg Lewis, IT Director at Arizona Fireplaces


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“Having both a B2B and B2C platform together has had a huge impact on our customer service and sales teams, thanks to automated order management and customer self-service capabilities. This means our team can focus on cross- or upselling, as well as on having a meaningful impact on our channel partner relationships by, for example, placing an order on behalf of a distributor who may be in the field/on the go and not have hands free.”

Emily Pelosi, Digital Marketing Manager Consultant at K-Rain


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