Tech Talk Series Videocast

Join Arno Ham for a monthly knowledge sharing session about what’s going on in B2B e-commerce. He answers calls and questions about how to approach the challenges you’re facing as an IT professional.

A tech roundtable built for you

Join Arno every month for a valuable recorded Q&A that gets you involved in the conversation around advancements in tech.

As more and more organizations move to an automated model, there are plenty of questions about what to prioritize and what to leave behind. Arno is here to answer those questions and make you feel assured in your ability to move your organization forward.

Arno shares his over 15 years experience in the arena of product technology to better enable you to take a more proactive role within your organization. He knows first-hand how hard tech voices have to fight to be heard.

You don’t want to miss this special dialogue made by and for IT professionals!

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The host

Arno Ham

Arno is the Chief Product Officer at Sana Commerce. For over a decade and a half, Arno has had his eyes on the horizon to see what tech advancements and trends he can practically apply to provide the best experience for B2B sellers and buyers.

Arno Ham