Sana Spotlight's Winter 2024 Keynote

In this product keynote, we tackle B2B complexity head on to deliver the best online shopping experience for your customers.

Watch the full session here

Discover What Your E-commerce Solution Should Do for You

We demonstrate how optimal e-commerce solutions tackle genuine challenges in B2B commerce.

Dive into our session to discover if your B2B e-commerce solution truly measures up:

  • Is your solution enabling you to seamlessly navigate complex online transactions?
  • Are you effectively enhancing your customer’s digital journey?
  • Is your operation optimized for peak efficiency?
  • Are you leveraging data for smarter sales and marketing decisions?

See real solutions in action.

  • Simplify ordering with seamless web store integration for easy transactions using Punchout
  • Boost adoption via B2B self-service subscriptions for repeat orders
  • Enhance experience with enriched product info for better searchability with Product Attribute Management
  • Elevate marketing with direct Mailchimp campaigns for up and cross-selling
Watch the full keynote here

Discover market insights.

Using information from the 2024 B2B Buyer Report — which includes responses from over 1,000 global B2B buyers — the Sana Spotlight reveals how to address emerging trends, like the:

  • Increased demand for accurate online experiences
  • High customer expectations
  • The preference for using an online platform to place complex orders.
Watch the full keynote here

Learn more about the e-commerce platform engineered for B2B.

From automation to workflow management, Sana Commerce Cloud offers the critical B2B features and capabilities you need, straight out of the box.