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Transform your web store with OpenAI product descriptions

Savannah Hristov
July 12, 2023
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With the advent of AI tools and technology, more e-commerce managers are looking to streamline their workflows with OpenAI product descriptions.

Though ChatGPT and generative AI may seem straight from the future, the truth is, B2B leaders have been using machine learning and AI tooling for more time than you might expect. In fact, according to Gartner, the number of businesses adopting artificial intelligence has grown by 270%.

What is OpenAI automation?

If you’re living in the year 2023 and have a heartbeat, you will probably have heard of OpenAI and ChatGPT. This powerful language model can generate human-like responses to prompts and questions. OpenAI automation is the use of advanced artificial intelligence technology to automate various tasks and processes within businesses, such as creating product descriptions.

Why are product descriptions important in B2B e-commerce?

According to research done by AX Semantics, 40% of consumers have returned an online purchase because of poor product content. In a recent investigation, it was discovered that a whopping 87% of individuals who shop online rely on product descriptions to guide their purchasing choices. Intriguingly, comprehensive product descriptions emerged as one of the leading factors impacting customer decisions across various sectors.

B2B buyers often require in-depth and accurate information about products to make informed purchasing decisions. The problem is that a lot of B2B organizations don’t have the time or resources to invest in writing product descriptions. Especially when they have so many different variants of products.

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Advantages of using OpenAI in product descriptions

By harnessing the advantages of OpenAI, businesses can unlock a new level of creativity, generate compelling and engaging product descriptions, and ultimately drive sales.

1. Consistent tone of voice is good for your brand

OpenAI can generate descriptive and accurate content with pre-trained models and advanced language processing. The automation provided by OpenAI allows for consistent formatting of your product descriptions. Consistency contributes to maintaining a cohesive brand voice throughout the offering of your B2B organization.

2. Prompting AI to include relevant keywords is good for SEO

B2B SEO often gets neglected in the midst of big e-commerce projects. OpenAI can add relevant keywords and phrases, enhancing search engine visibility and organic traffic. Automated product descriptions generated by OpenAI can paint a picture of the unique characteristics, product features, and benefits of each product.

3. Automation saves time for your internal teams

OpenAI can generate product descriptions in a matter of seconds, as opposed to internal teams taking a whole day to update products when new variants are introduced. By making the lives of your internal teams easier due to OpenAI, you can contribute to higher job satisfaction. The result is less staff turnover and more engaged internal content teams.

By automating the process, your business can allocate resources more efficiently. Content creators can focus on other critical tasks, such as strategic planning and customer engagement. For other tips on how to create effective product descriptions, read our blog.

4. Enhanced engagement and conversion:

By analyzing customer data and preferences of your buyer persona, you can automate complex business processes, generating tailored product descriptions that talk to customer pain points. This allows you to sell your products in the most engaging way, which increases conversions.

Generating engaging descriptions improves the overall user experience. By doing this, customers can easily understand the value offered by products. This can lead to improved satisfaction and an increased likelihood of making a purchase on your web store. You can also read about other ways that your business can increase revenue with 10 strategies to grow your e‑commerce business revenue.

Sana Commerce Cloud OpenAI Product Descriptions

Sana Commerce Cloud and OpenAI:

With Sana Commerce Cloud, the OpenAI Product Description add-on leverages the power of OpenAI to generate high-quality product descriptions. These are based on product attributes from your ERP or PIM system. The OpenAI Product Description add-on uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze the product attributes and generate descriptions. The aim is to capture the essence of the product, making it easier to attract and convert customers.

Using the OpenAI Product Description content element, you can create informative and engaging product descriptions quickly and easily.

How Sana Commerce Cloud works with OpenAI

Since Sana Commerce Cloud (SCC) is an ERP integrated solution, it is vital that all the product attributes are loaded into your ERP system.

SCC retrieves the product attributes and other product fields from your ERP system. These attributes will then be available in the product add-on fields in Sana Admin. By running a product import task in the Sana Admin, products with the assigned attributes and other product fields will be available in the Sana webstore.

You will then need to configure product add-on fields. These are the product and attribute fields from the ERP or PIM system. By configuring these fields, SCC retrieves the necessary product information from the ERP or PIM system.

You will need to add those product attributes to generate product descriptions in the OpenAI Product Description content element.

How OpenAI automation can improve your B2B process

OpenAI automation offers numerous benefits that can significantly improve B2B processes. Businesses can free up valuable time for internal teams to focus on other essential aspects of their operations while reaping a range of advantages that drive engagement and revenue growth. Additionally, OpenAI enables quicker customer support by automating tasks, reducing the workload on customer service teams.

OpenAI saves time for internal teams and instills trust in external customers through updated and accurate product descriptions and content, making the B2B web store the go-to destination for reliable information.

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