Grafityp’s new web store for SAP Business One helps future proof its online sales.

  • Grafityp UK Ltd. is part of the International Grafityp Self-Adhesive Products Group
  • Manufacturer and distributor of self-adhesive sign making films, digital print media, laminates, and automotive and deco films
  • Providing over 65 years of outstanding service to the sign industry


Business One ERP

37% new

customers buying online


bounce rate

The challenge

Unifying sales and marketing web stores to attract new customers

E-commerce was nothing new to Grafityp: the company had been selling online since 2004. However, the company had two sites: one for online sales, and one for marketing. Marketing managed the static site, while Dave Bragg, IT Manager at Grafityp, administered the web store, and the situation was less than ideal.

Unifying the sites in existing systems proved too challenging, so Dave started searching for a new solution. When searching for a new e-commerce webstore Grafityp looked into solutions like Magento and WordPress but these solutions required a lot of customizations and were a significant investment in time and money.

Grafityp had two main goals for its new web store. “We wanted to reduce employee time spent rekeying errors, but also attract new customers,” says Dave. “The solution had to be a shortcut to implementing a mobile-friendly, modern-looking site.”

Fast and accurate information in the web store was also vital. “As a next-day delivery company, many customers use us as a JIT supplier,” says Dave. Finally, the solution also had to work with Grafityp’s ERP, SAP Business One. And with these requirements, the search began.

The solution

Real-time integration

Grafityp chose Sana Commerce because, as Dave says, “It was the only solution compatible with SAP Business One that offered a real-time, integrated framework.”

This approach to integration was key for Grafityp. “A delay, however small, between a customer providing information — like an order — and our staff having visibility caused trouble in some scenarios.” Sana’s seamless integration with SAP Business One made it ideally suited for Grafityp’s dedication to speedy fulfillment. “Sana provides near-instant access and visibility to transactional events and data.”

Sana’s technical specs had sealed the deal, but the solution also delivered on the usability front. One of the main factors leading to the previous two-site setup had been how challenging it was for the marketing department to administer the web store. This wasn’t an issue with Sana Commerce.

“There was resistance previously,” says Dave. “But we were able to pick things up very quickly. We used the Sana University, which we were able to navigate easily.” This proved to be good for design consistency — something that the Marketing Manager was responsible for within the web store project.

The results

Improved customer experience and more clients buying online

Thanks to its Sana Commerce web store, Grafityp benefited from the following results:

  • Great customer experience: It was clear from launch that Grafityp’s new Sana web store would let them provide a great customer experience. “When the site went live, we didn’t give any advance notice to customers,” says Dave. The web store went live at 11:30 a.m., and the first order was placed at 1 p.m.
  • More new clients buying online: It wasn’t a fluke. Since launching its new web store, Grafityp’s customers are engaging more and viewing more pages. “The bounce rate is down, mobile use is higher, and the conversion rate is up,” explains Dave. And it’s not just long-time Grafityp clients, either. “A significant percentage of customers buying online are new customers. In the first year we saw 37% new customers buying online.”
  • A future-proof solution: Grafityp had been selling online for 13 years. “Our previous solution was created for the online world ten years ago, and wasn’t being updated to keep pace with the latest web trends,” says Dave. “The online world is always changing. ”This is no longer as big of a challenge for Grafityp. “We feel Sana Commerce will allow us to be current in that online world.”

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