Krautli integrated its ERP, TecDoc and web store to improve sales, speed and service.

  • Wholesaler of automotive mechanical and electronic parts
  • Founded in 1946 in Belgium
  • Continuous focus on innovating and diversifying its offerings


customer service


in sales and marketing errors


full control over its web store

The challenge

Multiple independent systems and slow, error-prone order processing

Krautli’s customers had been able to order parts from a web store for some time. The process, however, was far from ideal. “The web store was an independent system managed by a third party. Adjustments to prices or images had to be requested through this party, after which the adjustment would be released with the next update,” says Michiel Krautli, Managing Director at Krautli.

One of Krautli’s biggest challenges was connecting its web store with TecDoc, an essential automotive parts database. “It’s essential for us that our web store integrates directly with this system so we can provide our customers and partners with the best information possible. The connection with the ERP system was also challenging.”

The web store management and TecDoc integration issues left Krautli’s processing times and service levels languishing. The lack of a centralized system made order processing tedious and prone to manual errors. The company was also unable to offer regular clients personalized catalog views in their web store, which meant additional manual order editing and processing.

The solution

Integrated systems and centralized, in-house web store management

Sana Commerce’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX is at the heart of what makes it such a powerful e-commerce solution. This is also what made it the most attractive option for Krautli. Sana also offered integration with TecDoc, which would take Krautli’s back office from three systems to a single integrated system consisting of its web store, Microsoft Dynamics AX, and TecDoc.

Going with Sana would also put the web store back in Krautli’s hands. Sana Admin is designed to be easy to operate, even for users without an IT background. This makes it ideal for businesses that want to be able to administer their web store in house without having to bring on additional IT personnel. Sana’s most important features are available out of the box, which also makes it simple to install and roll out.

Sana Commerce web stores are integrated with the ERP, which makes it easy to offer account-based custom views and catalogs to customers logged into the online sales portal. As soon as Krautli made its decision, Sana got right to work. After a short implementation trajectory, Krautli’s new integrated web store went live on January 1, 2016.

The results

Improved speed and service

Thanks to its Sana Commerce web store, Krautli benefited from the following results:

  • Improved speed and service: Sana’s e-commerce solution is advantageous for both Krautli and its customers. “We now have full control over the web store. An internal IT employee is always available to implement changes. Particularly when it comes to sales and marketing, we’ve noticed the immediate advantage, but also if there are mistakes or irregularities, we can adjust them much more quickly,” says Krautli.
  • Better service: The company’s customer service has also improved greatly. “Many of our customers have fixed discounts, and now we can display those kinds of personalization’s in the web store. After an order has been placed, the system automatically sends a confirmation. Not only that, but regular customers can access a lot of extra information via the web portal, such as order history and invoices, without having to call or email our internal sales department,” says Krautli.
  • Future-proof: Krautli’s is planning to start offering direct payment via its Sana web store. “Letting customers pay directly is a lot faster than sending an invoice. Not only that, but we won’t have to spend as much time following up with late or insufficient payments,” explains Krautli. And Krautli is already busy making plans to optimize its web store and get more customers online. “More than half of our automotive customers are already using the web store, but that number is much lower for our industrial clientele. We still receive copies of orders via fax. We really want to improve customer satisfaction in this group as well by processing their orders faster and with fewer errors,” says Krautli.

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