E-commerce add-on integrations

Enhance our out-of-the-box solution with e-commerce add-ons to perfectly support your business.

How do e-commerce add-on integrations work with Sana Commerce?

Sana’s e-commerce add-ons are supported via extension points built into our technical architecture, making it possible to enhance Sana’s out-of-the-box e-commerce experience without needing to include customizations in the project or to handle an additional back-end add-on integration challenge*.

*Any add-ons not listed on this page can be integrated with the Sana platform, but will be subject to scoping. Please contact us to explore possibilities.

Hear about our extensibility from our customers:

[Thanks to their out-of-the-box functionality and the extensibility beyond that], we are working with fewer ISVs since our migration over to Sana Commerce. We still use a PIM system, a payment service provider, CPQ software for custom personalized products, and a shipping partner: but they're all seamlessly tied together within Sana.
Nathan Ayers | E-Commerce Manager at Labelmaster
Thanks to our PIM system and [the Sana Commerce] e-commerce platform, we can manage all our product information in a structured manner, without having to deploy more personnel.
General Manager at Locinox

Payment add-ons

Sana Commerce integrates with Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to offer clients the opportunity to integrate their preferred form of payment into their web store.

Shipping add-ons

By offering integration with shipping partners, Sana makes it so our customers can offer as many shipping providers to their buyers as needed.

Sales tax add-ons

Sana Commerce, paired with a sales tax add-on, offers reliable sales tax and VAT calculations that populate directly in a Sana web store: leveraging technology to keep customers sales tax compliant.
Easily calculate sales tax for your online orders with the integration of Avalara in your Dynamics AX-driven Sana web store. Avalara is the market leading provider of sales tax and compliance automation services in the cloud.

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Configure Price Quote (CPQ) partners

Together with Sana, a CPQ solution allows organizations with highly configurable product assortments to easily manage complex sales activities — without needing to calculate custom pricing manually.

e-Con solutions
CPQ software eliminates incorrect quotes, faulty orders and manual updates to quotes, orders, and production materials. e-Con enables customers to, reduce errors, increase efficiency, improve quote response time, streamline your quote-to-production process, and store and share expertise.

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Experlogix CPQ (Configure Price Quote) running in the Sana Commerce webshop allows companies that offer customer-specific products and services to simplify the online buying experience while seamlessly managing the complexity of selecting features and options, up-sell and cross sell items, and pricing discount policies in real-time.

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Product Information Management (PIM) add-ons

PIM systems, along with a Sana web store, streamline and simplify the storage and management of product data across an organization (and online).

Successful cross-channel commerce and marketing requires perfect and up-to-date product data. Perfion gives you one single source of truth for all your product information so you can apply and use it across all your marketing materials. You can create paper catalogues within days or publish real-time product information in your Sana Commerce web shop.

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inRiver helps B2C and B2B multi-channel commerce and marketing professionals tell perfect product stories across all sales channels. The powerful inRiver PIM platform radically facilitates the creating, handling and distribution of perfect product information for a world-class customer experience in all channels, in multiple languages.

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Email marketing with Sana

Online marketing via email can be made easy by simply integrating your Sana web store with an Email Service Provider (ESP) to automate and maximize your email outreach.

Sana Commerce and other add-on partners

In addition to email, shipping, payment, PIM, CPQ and sales tax add-ons, Sana boasts a long list of other e-commerce add-on partners and alliances that further enhance our product offering (including POS, EDI, and more.)

LS Retail is the leading provider of end-to-end solutions and services for the retail, hospitality and forecourt industries based on Microsoft Dynamics and .NET technology. It ties headquarters, stores, point-of-sale and mobile devices to each other into a single administration. Aiming for cross-channel retail, with one single business source, Sana and LS Retail provide an unrivaled retail experience – offline and online.

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K3|pebblestone Fashion is the leading business software solution for companies in the fashion industry, based on Microsoft Dynamics. Sana has provided this add-on right from the start, resulting in many fashion implementations, both B2B and B2C. K3|pebblestone’s features are fully incorporated into both Sana Commerce web shop and the Sana Commerce Mobile app for sales agents.

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DrinkMaster is an advanced Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on for beverage wholesalers, breweries and liquor stores with strong references in the number one beer country, Belgium. Sana plugs into DrinkMaster seamlessly to offer both B2B and B2C customers a complete online shopping experience. For liquor stores and beverage specialists it opens up a new channel of business in a market that is becoming more and more competitive because of the rising beverage sales in supermarkets.

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Sana Commerce connects seamlessly with BuildMaster Distri and opens up many sector specific functionalities to the web. Things like variants and supplemental items, CPR and transport specifics to name just a few. BuildMaster Distri is one of the most popular vertical Dynamics NAV add-ons for building materials wholesalers such as floor tiles, wood, sanitary fittings, bricks, tools, DIY-materials and so on.

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iFacto Distri+ is an integrated standard solution that covers all administrative and logistical processes of a wholesale or distribution company. Based on Dynamics NAV, and integrates as well with Sana Commerce.

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Schouw Informatisering

Schouw Informatisering offers the Dynamics standard for the global food industry. The knowledge and business logics of SI Foodware are integrated into Sana Commerce, making it the ideal e-commerce solution for food companies.

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Product Feed Support

Product Feed Support

The Product Feed Export add-on lets you extract your product list in to an XML file.

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