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Listen to global leaders tackle the most pressing issues in B2B e-commerce today with the B2B E-Commerce Integrated and Accelerated podcasts. From industry trends to success stories from around the world, access expert opinions on the go.

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B2B E-Commerce Integrated

In this podcast built specifically for IT in B2B spaces, you can tap into the latest trends IT leaders are talking about in B2B e‑commerce. Some of the most innovative IT leaders in the B2B space sit down for a chat with Arno Ham, CTO at Sana Commerce. Together, they spark topical conversations about what their approach to B2B solutions is, how it works, and how it can be applied to any situation.

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B2B E-Commerce Accelerated

Hosted by long-time B2B sales leaders, Ruben Mink and Tim van Hattem, B2B E-Commerce Accelerated is all about how sales leaders can achieve more through B2B e-commerce. Each episode, they sit down to talk about the issues sales leaders are facing as well as the opportunities you are looking to seize.

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