Master online catalog management in e‑commerce

Leverage the power of your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP to master catalog management in e-commerce.

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E-commerce Catalog Management

Why is online catalog management important in e-commerce?

Providing potential customers with product data is a prerequisite for web store success. Your customers should be able to access all the product information they need to make a purchasing decision online — and to keep them from clicking away to a competitor with a more comprehensive online catalog.

As a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, your business needs a well-managed online product catalog to ensure that customers can easily find products, product details, technical specifications, images, related products and more.

With the right e-commerce solution, you can offer customers a comprehensive online catalog that can:

  • Enable self-service capabilities and user-friendly navigation
  • Display accurate, real-time inventory data 24/7
  • Evolve alongside your business and customer needs
Total Customer Convenience
Total customer convenience

Customer experience can make or break online sales. Simplify the buying process by providing customers clear and effective catalog navigation. Not only does this improve customer experience on-page, but also makes it practically impossible to order incorrect items.

Reliability without compromise
Reliability without compromise

Your customers’ goal is to get the right product for the job at the right price — and they depend on you to do that. Your e-commerce solution should be one that buyers can rely on to provide always-accurate, data-rich and secure information and processes, 24/7.

Constant evolution
Constant evolution

Whether you’re implementing a PIM system, changing or adding products, or selling via online marketplaces, choose an e-commerce solution that scales, adapts and grows with you — without operational disruption — so you can stay one step ahead of the curve.

Simplify online catalog management with Sana Commerce

A web store can be much more than just an online product catalog — but you must get the foundation right for your web store to succeed.

This is why our ERP-integrated e-commerce solution uses your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP system at the heart of your web store. This approach creates a strong foundation from your ERP, allowing you to build your web store based on real-time data coming from your ERP.

Multi-web store flexibility

Want a different web store for every region? No problem. Sana Commerce lets you roll out multiple stores based on multiple companies and manage them all by defining product assignments once and in one place: your ERP.

multiple web stores

Faceted search

Conquer large catalogs, all of which are populated using real-time product data from your ERP, with faceted search. Sana Commerce lets clients filter results using product attributes as defined in your ERP to quickly find their ideal product.

Faceted Search

Clear data management

Our integrated e-commerce software leverages your ERP’s master database in your web store and ensures all newly created online records (such as orders) are instantly available in your ERP.

No data silos

Bills of materials/kitting and assembly

Make purchasing complex products simple for your clients. Sana Commerce makes it easy to combine individual items into a single sellable unit.

Use of Bills of Materials/Kitting and Assembly

Sell in online marketplaces

Sell beyond your own web store. With Sana Commerce, you can easily export detailed product information to marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Google (with an add-on).

Embracing online marketplaces
multiple web stores Faceted Search No data silos Use of Bills of Materials/Kitting and Assembly Embracing online marketplaces

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What are other B2B companies saying about our solution?

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E-Commerce Manager EU - Manufacturing

Excellent out of the box features to gear up e-commerce

High functionality out-of-the-box ERP centric = low (additional) maintenance, easy to use, fast to expand from market to market.

Default photo
Marketing Manager, Education

Sana is here to help

Bi-weekly releases, I am excited about the continued improvements and the option to submit wish lists (roadmaps).

Default photo
E-Commerce Manager, Miscellaneous

Sana works great for my company and my customers

It works great for our customers. We have grown sales year over year with the help of Sana.

Default photo
Director of IT - Manufacturing

Sana Commerce is easy to configure, flexible and responsive

The Sana Administration console is excellent. It allows non-technical employees to administer and modify portions of the website without requiring them to have any web development or coding experience

Gerard W.
Gerard W.
Financial & Operational Director

We now have orders from customers we previously had no contact with.

No more manual order intake and processing. Stock availability, customer-specific pricing, volume discounts, etc. are all administered in NAV and work great in the web store.

Sibille H.
Sibille H.
Project Manager

Sana Commerce really boosts your online sales.

The pricing for the performance is excellent. Of all the e-commerce solutions we looked at, Sana Commerce was the best in pricing, performance and connection to our ERP.

Andres R.
Andres R.
Chief Information Officer

High level of integration with our ERP.

I like the ability to implement on MS Dynamics Ax, you don’t need to customize a lot in the ERP because Sana includes a high level of integration with MS Dynamics AX. And it is to easy to include the discount policies of each customer and other information from the ERP.

Marco S.
Marco S.
Head of IT Services

We now have a webshop implemented in a very short amount of time.

The webshop works and we don’t need a whole team in Austria to keep it alive. It just works and we can focus on development and new things. Pros: Standard integration Dynamics AX and Perfion. Fits in our IT Strategy. Very professional people on the Sana team. Fast implementation, no surprises.

Madelyne Velasco Mite
Madelyne Velasco Mite
Technology Manager

Best e-commerce I found that integrates with SAP.

It connects perfectly with our ERP and makes our internal processes so easy. We don’t have to worry about updating the inventory info or stuff like that. The integration is smooth and it also notifies admins when you have an issue with a customer or internal Sana task.

Tracy L
Tracy L
Director, Digital Development

The in site editor is great! Overall we've been very happy with Sana.

The platform’s ease of use, integration with our NAV ERP, and the consistency\uptime. We rarely have issues and if we do we get immediate notifications that are generally telling us something’s wrong on our end with our ERP or connectivity.

Default photo
Claude L.

We can now offer solid e-commerce capabilities to our B2B customers.

It allows a flawless flow of information between the front-end and the ERP. It removes the most significant pain of any e-commerce platform; truth of data. Customer comments have been terrific so far.

Filip D.
Filip D.
Sales & Communication Assistant

We were able to set up and run a large store in a short time.

The CMS is easy enough for beginners but is also open enough for advanced users to program. The attention to detail when it comes to SEO and minimal setup is a big plus.

How can you benefit from using an ERP-integrated web portal?

  • Produce easy-to-navigate online product catalogs
  • Simplify complex pricing and discount pricing
  • Get personalized marketing capabilities
  • Access online and offline customer and order data

Discover the remaining 41 benefits of integration in 2022 with our latest report: The Benefits of Integration.

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The Benefits of Integration

Sana Commerce Cloud: E-commerce built for your needs

Make your products easy to find, no matter how many SKUs you sell.

With Sana Commerce’s Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP-integrated solution, you can make use of critical data already at your disposal to power your businesses’ digitization and also offer:

  • Unlimited unique product variants
  • Detailed filtering and search functionality
  • Multiple, localized web store experiences, etc.
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