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Leverage the power of your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP to master catalog management in e-commerce.

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E-commerce Catalog Management

Why choose Sana Commerce to fill your e-commerce catalog management needs?

A web store can be much more than just an online product catalog — but you must get the foundation right for your web store to succeed. Luckily, Sana Commerce makes this a cinch.

Catalog management for e-commerce may seem daunting, especially if you’re worried about having to replicate or synchronize data. With your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP at the center of Sana’s approach, this challenge becomes a nonissue.

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“The tipping point was when we printed our last catalog in 2012 and it was immediately out of date. Adopting an e-commerce solution was a natural progression. Up until this point we were quite an old-fashioned company, but we realized we needed to move on fairly quickly to protect our future growth.”

Sinead Scrivener | Parts Director at Fastparts Read more

“Thanks to our PIM system and [the Sana Commerce] e-commerce platform, we can manage all our product information in a structured manner, without having to deploy more personnel.”

General Manager at Locinox Read more

Simplify e-commerce catalog management with Sana Commerce

With Sana Commerce, focusing on catalog management for e-commerce allows you to lay a strong foundation and make an efficient first start for a transactional web store. It also means you can benefit from:

A first step into online channels

Let your ERP do the heavy lifting. Use classifications and categorizations stored in your ERP to build your web store’s product catalog structure.

Multi-web store flexibility

Want a different web store for every region? No problem. Sana Commerce lets you roll out multiple stores based on multiple companies and manage them all by defining product assignments once and in one place: your ERP.

Faceted search

Conquer large catalogs, all of which are populated using real-time product data from your ERP, with faceted search. Sana Commerce lets clients filter results using product attributes as defined in your ERP to quickly find their ideal product.

Clear data management

Our integrated e-commerce software leverages your ERP’s master database in your web store and ensures all newly created online records (such as orders) are instantly available in your ERP.

Bills of materials/kitting and assembly

Make purchasing complex products simple for your clients. Sana Commerce makes it easy to combine individual items into a single sellable unit.

Embracing online marketplaces

Sell beyond your own web store. With Sana Commerce, you can easily export detailed product information to marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Google (with an add-on).

Get catalog management for e-commerce right

Make your products easy to find, no matter how many SKUs you sell.

With Sana Commerce’s Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP-integrated solution, you can make use of critical data already at your disposal to power your businesses’ digitization and also offer:

  • Unlimited unique product variants
  • Detailed filtering and search functionality
  • Multiple, localized web store experiences, etc.
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Master catalog management for e-commerce.

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