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Leverage the power of your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP to offer your customers consistency and transparency across all channels of choice.

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Omnichannel E-Commerce

Why choose Sana Commerce as your omnichannel e-commerce solution provider?

Consistency and transparency are the keys to omnichannel commerce success. This is a particular challenge for organizations that are subject to siloed approaches: It’s easier to accidentally distribute conflicting information if your data and business logic are not housed in one, unified database.

With Sana Commerce, our tight Dynamics and SAP ERP integration makes it simple to eliminate data silos, create consistent and dynamic cross-channel brand experiences, and maximize visibility or processes across your organization.

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“Sana Commerce’s product is very flexible. As long as your design is there, you can do pretty much [anything] on the home page from Sana Admin. Thanks to Sana’s platform, set up for responsive design on tablet and mobile, you don’t have to [worry about] that part, and can try many different kinds of design.”

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“With Sana Commerce’s software, the intelligence of the ERP system is automatically implemented in the web store. This allows us to prevent modifications in our ERP system from showing up in our web store too late, or perhaps not showing up at all. This means the customer always has reliable, real-time information.”

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How Sana Commerce supports omnichannel excellence

Sana Commerce supports growing businesses that are committed to offering their customers the best possible experience at all times and across all channels. We provide:

Consistency and transparency

Possible information conflicts are a common risk with omnichannel e-commerce. But with Sana Commerce, you can depend on our real-time ERP integration to make your ERP system the one-stop data hub for all your channels.

A smart approach to personalization

Our ERP-powered approach to e-commerce means you can personalize in a smarter way, making use of insights like customer-specific pricing, customer segments, order history and more.

Clear, accurate product information

As with customer data, all the product data in your web store comes directly from your ERP system in real time. This means product specifications, details and images are always accurate and available across devices.


An omnichannel e-commerce solution with Sana Commerce allows you to focus on what matters: your customers. Offering integrated e-commerce solution lets you be reliable and available anywhere they want to engage.

Support to scale

Omnichannel e-commerce is often the first step toward growth and expansion. Once you’ve mastered the omnichannel customer experience, we make it easy for your organization to capture new markets and embrace new business models.

Achieving omnichannel e-commerce excellence with Sana Commerce

Your customer relationships matter. And we can help you nurture them. With our omnichannel e-commerce solution, you can leverage your Dynamics or SAP ERP data and business logic to provide a consistent, reliable and personalized customer experience — online, offline and across channels —  like:

  • Product specifications
  • Inventory levels
  • Order history
  • Volume pricing
  • Customer-specific discounts
  • Tax determination, etc.
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