Sana Commerce: An e-commerce solution to fit the B2B use case

Simplify the complexity of the B2B buying process with an e-commerce platform that puts reliability and efficiency first.

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Why choose Sana Commerce as your B2B e-commerce solution?

At Sana Commerce, we understand just how complicated B2B purchasing can get. Are you offering volume pricing or customer-specific discounts? Does your buyer want to purchase in bulk, and is your inventory data up to date? Will your complex pricing pose a challenge?

With our B2B e-commerce platform, the answers are simple — and they’re built into the way our product works with your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP system.

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One of the reasons we leaned into a Sana Commerce solution is because we needed one that could support — out of the box — the pricing engine that exists in [Dynamics AX]. We have to be able to support a B2C and a B2B scenario, even with a B2B scenario that’s pretty complex.
Chris Rooney | Business Analyst for E-Commerce at Century Martial Arts
of B2B wholesale business is driven online
YOY growth in B2C retail business
web store implementation
We prioritize customer relationships, and [never] want to be an anonymous e-commerce company. [The Sana Commerce platform has allowed] us to find that crucial balance between digital efficiency and the personal touch of human interaction that enhances that.
Jason Hummert | Director of Marketing at Hummert International
more new business
boost in e-commerce conversion rate 
growth in mobile traffic

How our B2B e-commerce solution meets B2B buyer needs:

No data silos or replication
Comprehensive pricing and product information
Better order and product information management
A 24/7 self-service portal
Support for direct-to-consumer sales
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  • No data silos or replication

    With ERP-driven, integrated B2B e-commerce, you can eliminate duplicate data, and as a result drastically reduce technical and operational costs.
  • Comprehensive product and pricing information

    Our integrated B2B e-commerce platform ensures that your web store visitors can always see up-to-date, accurate information. This includes real-time inventory levels and even the most complex pricing, as they are registered in your ERP system.
  • Better order and product information management

    Simplify order and product information management with Sana Commerce by leveraging our ERP-integrated approach to align inventory data, track fulfillment and manage complex shipping structures.
  • 24/7 self-service portal

    Your B2B web store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Clients can place orders at their convenience without relying on the availability of your sales representatives.
  • Support for direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales

    We offer our B2B customers targeted support for any existing or changing business model, including expansion into direct-to-consumer sales. This allows you to expand your reach and engage new buyers.

Total Customer Convenience

Total customer convenience

Let us take the challenge out of online commerce. With Sana Commerce, you can offer your buyers faster fulfillment, a better, more personalized web store experience, easier repeat purchasing, and online self-service capabilities.

Reliability without compromise

Reliability without compromise

Your clients’ goal is to get the right product for the job at the right price — and they depend on you to do that. With Sana Commerce, your buyers can trust in an always-accurate, data-rich, secure and high-performing B2B web store.

Effortless Scalability

Constant evolution

In the face of change, your business must evolve in order to remain a strategic partner for your clients. Sana Commerce’s dependable B2B e-commerce solution scales, adapts and grows with you — without operational disruption.

ERP-integrated e-commerce software for B2B success

Your B2B clients want to purchase easily and efficiently, both often and in bulk. With ERP-driven, integrated B2B e-commerce, you can ensure these customers up-to-date product information, a seamless customer experience and even more (especially if you enhance your experience with add-ons like PIM and EDI):

  • Facilitate pre-payments
  • Support multiple customer roles and authorization levels
  • Offer real-time insight into inventory data
  • Provide request for quote (RFQ) functionality

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