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Simplify the complexity of the B2B buying process with an e-commerce platform that puts reliability and efficiency first.

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What can B2B e-commerce help you achieve?

As a manufacturer, wholesaler or distributor, you need a solution that was built for your specific needs. Whether these are the needs of your business from an internal perspective or from your customers’ perspective: You need a solution that offers B2B compatibility.

With the right e-commerce solution, B2B companies can successfully:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Make purchasing pain-free, easy and reliable
  • Become agile, scalable and future-proof
Total customer convenience
Total customer convenience

Today's B2B buyers bring their experience as a consumer with them to the B2B buying process. Meet (and exceed) their expectations with faster fulfillment, a better, more personalized shopping experience, easier repeat purchasing and online self-service capabilities.

Reliability without a compromise
Reliability without compromise

Your customers’ goal is to get the right product for the job at the right price – and they depend on you to do that. Your B2B e-commerce solution should be one that buyers can rely on to provide always-accurate, data-rich and secure information and processes.

Constant evolution
Constant evolution

In the face of change, your business must evolve to remain a strategic partner for your customers. Choose a B2B e-commerce solution that scales, adapts and grows with you – without operational disruption – so you can stay one step ahead of the curve.

How does Sana Commerce fit your B2B needs?

At Sana Commerce, we understand just how complicated B2B purchasing can get. Are you offering volume pricing or customer-specific discounts? Does your buyer want to purchase in bulk, and is your inventory data up to date? Will your complex pricing pose a challenge?

Our B2B e-commerce platform was built specifically to address the concerns of B2B organizations. With our B2B e-commerce platform, the answers are simple — and they’re built into the way our product works with your Microsoft Dynamics or SAP ERP system.

Accurate product and pricing data

Our integrated B2B e-commerce platform ensures that your web store visitors can always see up-to-date, accurate information. This includes real-time inventory levels and even the most complex pricing, as they are registered in your ERP system.

Better information management

Simplify order and product information management with Sana Commerce by leveraging our ERP-integrated approach to align inventory data, track fulfillment and manage complex shipping structures.

24/7 self-service portal

Your B2B web store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Customers can place orders at their convenience without relying on the availability of your sales representatives.

D2C sales support

We offer our B2B customers targeted support for any existing or changing business model, including expansion into direct-to-consumer (D2C) sales. This allows you to expand your reach and engage new buyers.

What are other B2B companies saying about our solution?

“An important aspect of the Sana Commerce platform that we take advantage of is the ability to customize what is displayed per customer segment. With Sana Commerce, we are able to support a consumer-facing scenario and a B2B scenario, including providing content experiences that are targeted to our audiences.”

Chris Rooney | Business Analyst for E-Commerce at Century Martial Arts


faster page load speed


B2C business growth


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Century Martial Arts

“The direct SAP ECC integration of the Sana Commerce web store offers us many options with two key functions for our business: the display of the current inventory and the customer-specific prices. That offers great added value for the customer.”

Maximilian Maucher | Sales Platform Project Manager at Ravensburger

7 month

implementation time for B2B web store


international roll-out solution


with SAP ECC
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Ravensburger E-Commerce Erfolgsgeschichte

“We found a solution that met our organization’s needs across departments and met our customers’ needs, so we avoided any resistance — internal or external. Our sales team wanted to leverage Sana Commerce, as did our marketing team and our leadership team. Plus, our own dealers were asking us for this kind of online experience.”

Chris Bischoff | President of Global Sales at United Pacific Industries Read more
United Pacific Industries

“Sana Commerce offers a proven solution. The big advantage is the good integration with the ERP system. With the Sana software, all the information comes from one database and every modification is immediately implemented in the web store. This guarantees that customers always get the most correct and up-to-date information.”

Marcel de Groot | General Manager at Exalto Read more

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Our 2022 B2B Buyer Report takes a look at the current state of B2B e-commerce from a buyer perspective.

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Sana Commerce Cloud: Your B2B e-commerce solution

Your B2B customers want to purchase easily and efficiently. With a B2B e-commerce solution that works as one with your ERP, you ensure your customers have up-to-date product information, 24/7 order capabilities and a seamless customer experience (especially with add-ons like PIM or EDI):

  • Facilitate pre-payments
  • Support multiple customer roles and authorization levels
  • Offer real-time insight into inventory data
  • Provide request for quote (RFQ) functionality
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