Microsoft Dynamics AX

Sana Commerce Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Improve the agility of your business to meet and exceed your customers’ evolving expectations with a Dynamics ERP-integrated web store.

  • Benefit from a solution integrated in real-time with Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Offer a feature-rich, data-rich web store that keeps your customers informed (and delighted).
  • Secure your web store by hosting it safely in the cloud using Microsoft Azure.
  • Offer a cloud-based solution that ensures your web store is always operating on the latest version of Sana Commerce Cloud.

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Why Sana Commerce Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics AX e-commerce?

You’ve invested in Dynamics AX and made it the primary data hub for your business; don’t let all that work go to waste. By choosing Sana Commerce Cloud, you can leverage Microsoft Dynamics AX to power your web store, prepare for future change and boost your business’ growth trajectory.

Benefit from:

Total customer convenience
A web store your customers will love

Strengthen your customer relationships (and create new ones) with a convenient, easy-to-navigate web store that boasts online self-service capabilities.

Reliability without a compromise
A platform you can rely on

Use real-time data integration to guarantee your audience an always-informative and high-performing online sales channel.

Constant evolution
An easier way to scale your business

Count on Sana Commerce Cloud to support your organization as you grow, expand, or transform your business — without disrupting day-to-day operations.

A look at the power of Sana Commerce Cloud

By choosing Sana Commerce Cloud, you can leverage Microsoft Dynamics AX to power your web store, prepare for future change and boost your business’ growth trajectory. 

Enjoy everything you need from B2B e-commerce with Sana Commerce Cloud:

Out-of-the-box integration with Dynamics AX

Sana Commerce Cloud's out-of-the-box solution is quick and easy to implement, and it eliminates siloed data (and unnecessary back-end maintenance) altogether.

Agile, scalable e-commerce

Sana Commerce Cloud's integrated approach to e-commerce can adapt alongside your business, while our SaaS solution allows for low maintenance, cloud-based, scalable e-commerce.

A flexible and extensible solution

Our out-of-the-box solution is strong, but it can be built upon and improved further with add-ons for payment, shipping, PIM, Configure Price Quote (CPQ), tax determination and more.

Room to customize and personalize

With Sana Commerce Cloud, you can use the client information you’ve already stored in your ERP system to personalize web store content and target a specific client segment for optimal effectiveness.

Support for global business expansion

We understand that expansion and globalization don’t just stop with selling to new markets. Sana Commerce Cloud lets you roll out multiple stores based on multiple companies within your organization – without a major implementation or maintenance hassle.

Improved order-to-cash process

Accept payments on all open invoices directly from your web store, and ensure that both you and your customers can enjoy 100% accurate billing information in real-time.

Simplified inventory and data management

Leverage your Dynamics AX ERP’s real-time data and inventory management capabilities to let your customers know exactly what they can buy, in what quantity, and when out-of-stock items will be available.

Hear what our customers have to say:


“We now have full control over the web store. An internal IT employee is always available to implement changes. Particularly when it comes to sales and marketing, we’ve noticed the immediate advantage, but also if there are mistakes or irregularities, we can adjust them much more quickly.”

Michiel Krautli | Managing Director at Krautli Read more

“Thanks to their out-of-the-box functionality and the extensibility beyond that, we are working with fewer ISVs since our migration over to Sana Commerce. We still use a PIM system, a payment service provider, CPQ software for custom personalized products, and a shipping partner: but they’re all seamlessly tied together within our Sana Commerce store.”

Nathan Ayers | E-Commerce Manager at Labelmaster Read more

“With Sana Commerce’s software, the intelligence of the ERP system is automatically implemented in the web store. This allows us to prevent modifications in our ERP system from showing up in our web store too late, or perhaps not showing up at all. This means the customer always has reliable, real-time information.”

Marcel de Groot | General Manager at Exalto Read more

Looking to upgrade your Dynamics AX ERP?

Sana Commerce Cloud is an out-of-the-box solution that can be swiftly deployed, provides automatic updates, and requires no heavy customizations. Worried about the cost? We offer a convenient monthly package based on GMV. 

Sana Commerce Cloud

Take your business to new heights.

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