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The Secret to Maximizing Growth Potential for B2B Sales

The B2B e-commerce podcast that helps B2B sales leaders act more efficiently and crush growth targets.

Hosted by long-time B2B sales leaders, Ruben Mink and Tim van Hattem, B2B E-Commerce Accelerated is all about how sales leaders can achieve more through B2B e-commerce. Each episode, they sit down with a different B2B sales leader from across the globe to talk about the issues sales leaders are facing as well as the opportunities you are looking to seize. Capture your team’s untapped sales potential with their proven know-how and start improving your win rates.

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Episode 16

Navigating the Digital Commerce: Carlos Camacho, Bausch & Lomb

How can you help your sales teams see e-commerce as an opportunity, rather than a threat? Here to help us unpack these topics, among others, is Carlos Camacho has over 20 years of experience in B2B e-commerce. He is currently responsible as the Senior Manager, Global eCommerce at Bausch & Lomb.

Listen in to hear Carlos’ advice on how to help sales leaders facilitate better adoption amongst their teams, why incentivizing them is essential, and why you should never employ an attitude of ‘us versus them’. Throughout the episode, Tim and Carlos explore the importance of helping your customers adopt online channels as soon as possible and why building momentum, traction, and loyalty is critical if you want to remain competitive.

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The hosts

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Ruben Mink

Ruben Mink is Chief Revenue Officer of Sana Commerce. With 10+ years of experience in B2B e-commerce, his mission is to help companies prioritize business relationships and become more customer centric.

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Tim van Hattem

Tim van Hattem has over 15 years of experience in B2B sales and is currently the Executive Vice President at Sana Commerce. He has a strong track record of driving sales growth and building successful sales teams across various industries.

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