Episode 21: Mutual Success When Your ERP and E-Commerce are Integrated

Mutual Success When Your ERP and E-Commerce are Integrated

It's a special episode featuring the return of a guest from 2022, Willem Pretorius from Montego Pet Nutrition. Willem takes center stage in this episode as he explains in full detail Montego's B2B business case. He walks through challenges they had before ERP integration and how easy it was to set up a web store that converts with ERP-integrated e-commerce.

He explains:

  • How Montego was able to get the vast majority of customers to use the web store in a short amount of time
  • Why updates and changes now only take a few seconds with real-time updates between the ERP and web store
  • What Montego's plans are for the future and how ERP integration is key for their continued success
  • What is his approach to reducing the total cost of ownership

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