Episode 16: Instant pricing adjustments and the timesaving benefits of integration

Instant pricing adjustments and the timesaving benefits of integration

On this week's episode of B2B E-Commerce Integrated, Arno talks with Marco Stecher of hollu. As Head of IT for this industrial cleaning supplies company, Marco was a key stakeholder in switching hollu's web store to an ERP integrated solution.

In that time, Marco has made his life easier by only having one system of data to maintain in his ERP. So, everything from displaying correct stock levels to adjusting prices all takes place in one system, saving the team at hollu countless hours of mindless data entry.

Listen to Mark & Arno discuss:

  • How to address the complexity of B2B with the right e-commerce solution
  • How business consumers have changed and become more demanding in expecting a high-quality e-commerce store
  • How important it is to provide customers with all the correct information they need to make a purchasing decision

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