B2B E-Commerce Guide for the Dental and Medical Supplies Industry

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  • Why E-Commerce Matters for the Dental & Medical Supplies Industry

of B2B buyers have customer experience issues when they buy online

of e-commerce sites are not fully meeting expectations of B2B Buyers

of B2B buyers are experiencing order errors on a weekly basis

Overcome buyers’ challenges before your competitors do

Even if you think your e-commerce meets buyers’ needs, it needs to stay ahead of them too.

Dental & medical supplies buyers visit your web store to buy — why make it difficult for them? Do you know what’s putting them off?

We asked over 1,200 professional buyers about their problems with B2B web stores. What did we find? That buyers want to buy from you (online), in fact they want a relationship with you: 84% of respondents told us that they would buy from you if they felt like they had a good relationship with you — even if they could get better terms elsewhere.

Learn about the challenges your buyers face online and access unique insights into the buying process, so you can deliver the best possible customer experience.

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Why B2B e-commerce?

B2B e-commerce is changing quickly, and perhaps nowhere more so than for the dental & medical supplies industry. Of course, the big headline in that story is COVID-19 — it has changed not just demand, but it has also accelerated the digitalization of the industry. But beyond the pandemic, there have been important shifts in what matters to buyers, their needs and challenges, and their relationships with suppliers.

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