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  • Global leader in the development, production, sales and support of web-fed auxiliaries
  • 67 active customers
  • The Sana webshop went live more than 2 years ago

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B2B e-commerce to support the needs of a global enterprise

Contiweb is a global leader in the development, production, and sales of state-of-the-art web-fed auxiliaries for a wide range of commercial packaging and label printing applications. Their innovative solutions for web offset web inkjet packaging and converting and finishing are built to order for their customers, ensuring excellent quality, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

Not only does Contiweb manufacture this auxiliary equipment for markets worldwide, but they also offer aftermarket sales and provide customer service for over 3,000 machines that have been installed globally.

For years Contiweb operated as a subsidiary under its parent company, Goss International, but became an independent company in August 2018. Although Contiweb expanded its business in 2012, it only introduced state-of-the-art auxiliary equipment for inkjet printing presses as of 2015. However, the company’s growth has been significant due to its customer-centric approach, which explains its success in international markets such as Asia, South Africa, South America and the Pacific.


The challenge

A shift to e-commerce

When Contiweb kicked off its e-commerce project, this decision was mainly a way to ensure they keep up with the trends within the industry, but Contiweb’s goals with this project were threefold:

  • Create online visibility and build their brand
  • Provide 24/7 support for their global customer base
  • Streamline the order process for the team and customers

After becoming an independent company Contiweb was faced with a new challenge. Since they had previously operated under the name Goss International, they needed to better establish the Contiweb brand. Although existing customers were informed and aware of this change, it posed a problem when it came to attracting and acquiring new clients. Having already begun their e-commerce journey and shift to a webshop Contiweb was able to use this as a means to upgrade and refresh their online presence.

Additionally, because of Contiweb’s international customer base, the different time zones caused unnecessary delays in the order process. The only solution was to create a platform that was available 24/7 for customers anywhere in the world to check things such as the availability or price of spare parts for their machines and equipment. A centralized platform that provides all the information clients could need on-demand was an essential requirement for Contiweb.

Consequently, this platform also solved their third problem; it automatically helped to streamline and speed up the order process for both the internal team and the customers. This is especially true in terms of quote requests, as this information is now readily available for customers on the webshop.

“I think the biggest compliment is that I didn’t need them [Sana Commerce] that often for assistance after the implementation process was complete and I could manage the system myself which was our aim.” 

~ Rik

The solution

The one-stop-shop solution

Contiweb had lofty goals to create a one-stop-shop solution for their customers — this customer portal, called MyContiweb, was designed to include the Sana webshop but also other tools, performance data and resources. Although three other e-commerce solutions were considered to help with this project, Contiweb turned to Sana Commerce for a number of reasons, including:

  • An SAP ECC ERP integration that is truly integrated and doesn’t require middleware
  • The user-friendly admin tool and advanced functionality
  • A straightforward initial implementation process
  • Excellent technical support, professional knowledge of SAP and simple maintenance requirements

Because Sana Commerce Cloud (SCC) allows for native ERP integration, Contiweb could streamline its entire process. With this integration, the Contiweb team only needs to update their SAP and the information is automatically updated in the webshop, too. The real-time updates across databases have helped Contiweb to reduce manual effort, minimize errors and speed up processes when making changes to prices, discounts or customer details.

Contiweb also appreciated the user-friendly Sana admin tool and other add-ons for advanced functionality, which simplified the management and upkeep of the platform. As a result, the webshop can be easily maintained by one individual via the Sana Commerce admin platform. However, it is easy enough for anyone in the Contiweb internal team to use as needed.

Despite the complex nature of the implementation strategy for the MyContiweb platform as a whole, Sana Commerce offered Contiweb a straightforward implementation process of their webshop. Since the team consisted of multiple stakeholders, from a Sana Commerce SAP partner to Contiweb’s R & D department, a lot of back and forth communication was required to finalize the project, which took about 6 months to complete.

Finally, the excellent technical support, vast knowledge of SAP and ERP integration and the simple maintenance requirements of the webshop made Sana Commerce the best choice for Contiweb.

The results

A stable partner for a customer portal integrated webshop

Ultimately, Sana Commerce has given Contiweb a truly stable solution for their customer portal integrated webshop. The Sana Commerce store went live more than 2 years ago, has 67 active customers regularly using it and has never experienced any downtime.

As the industry is a conservative market and many of the orders are too complex for e-commerce, adoption of the MyContiweb platform and Sana webshop has been slow. But it is growing steadily without a lot of effort required — which speaks to the high value of the Sana Commerce product suite.

Currently, Contiweb is seeing the following results:

  • 23 percent of spare parts orders go through the webshop
  • Online sales now account for 16 percent of their total spare parts gross revenue
  • These orders come from 20 percent of their total customer base

That means there is room for growth and an opportunity to scale as more of their customers start to use the platform and webshop. Because there has been some resistance from their long-standing customers, Contiweb is implementing an initiative to better introduce the MyContiweb platform and webshop to existing customers.

By partnering with Sana Commerce, Contiweb has significantly improved its internal process and SAP automation, which was critical for successful integration with the e-commerce platform. Additionally, they now have a better internal structure and organization such as replacing material numbers with images of parts in the shop to make it easier for customers and staff to identify products and resolve queries.

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“I think the best result is that once customers start ordering via the webshop, they don’t stop and continue to make use of it which reduces the manual effort needed on our part to process orders.”  

~ Rik

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