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Discover how Teknocalor increases 40% year-on-year e-commerce growth with integrated e-commerce.

  • Leading importer of HVAC products and construction components in Finland
  • Finnish family-owned company
  • Founded in 1958
  • Strives to continuously innovate its operations

Top 2

web store priorities: Usability and reliability


year-on-year e-commerce revenue growth


operational efficiency and profitability

The challenge

Increase customer satisfaction and year-on-year e-commerce revenue growth

Teknocalor was looking to launch its first web store. The company started its e-commerce journey with concrete goals for its online performance. The main goals were to: Increase revenue, increase customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs. To achieve its goals, Teknocalor was searching for a solution that would integrate with its Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system.

Teknocalor Challenge

We operate in the B2B space and professional customers are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use platform. Therefore, we had 2 priorities for our web store: Usability and reliability. Our customers’ feedback was positive on both of these points, which means that with Sana Commerce we’ve achieved what we set out to do.

Olli Mäkelä | Chief Digital Officer & Business Unit Director at Teknocalor

The results

Happy customers and increased revenue

“Since implementing Sana Commerce, we’ve seen a significant cost-saving in customer acquisition, cost per lead, personnel expenses, sales costs and cost per unit sold, to name a few,” says Olli Mäkelä, Chief Digital Officer & Business Unit Director at Teknocalor.

  • 40% year-on-year e-commerce growth: Since 2017, Teknocalor has seen a 40% year-on-year e-commerce revenue growth through its online sales channel.
  • 141% increase in online revenue in 1 year: The company has seen an astounding 141% increase in online revenue coming from its ERP-integrated e-commerce solution between 2018 and 2019.
  • Higher customer satisfaction: “Our customers are happy with the usability of the web store, and we use their feedback to constantly optimize the usability of the web store,” says Mäkelä.
  • Increased operational efficiency: Since implementing Sana Commerce, Teknocalor decreased its team by 4-5 persons, while its revenue has remained the same.
  • Year-on-year conversion rate improvement: “We didn’t have an e-commerce platform before Sana Commerce, but we have improved our web store’s conversions year-on-year since we implemented Sana in 2017,” added Mäkelä.

The competition in the Nordics is fierce, and customers now expect companies to have an online sales channel. With Sana Commerce our objective was to make our customers happy, but also increase our efficiency and profitability.

Olli Mäkelä | Chief Digital Officer & Business Unit Director at Teknocalor

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