Cloud ERP e‑commerce 

Definition of cloud ERP e-commerce

Cloud e-commerce, in general, is simply an approach to hosting and maintaining data via — as you can probably guess — the cloud.

How does cloud ERP e-commerce work?

Cloud ERP e-commerce is a cloud-based e-commerce solution that connects to a cloud-based ERP system.

Cloud-based hosting (like SaaS) is on the rise. This includes a shift toward cloud-based ERP systems, which presents a seismic opportunity for cloud ERP-integrated e-commerce. Companies with cloud ERP systems can benefit from cloud ERP e-commerce.

Why invest in cloud ERP-integrated e-commerce?

Unlike their on-premise counterparts, cloud ERP e-commerce solutions offer a more scalable approach by hosting, managing, and processing data in the cloud. This means organizations have the time to focus on bigger priorities, like cost-savings, scalability, and revenue growth.

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What are the benefits of cloud ERP-integrated e-commerce?

When you take these benefits and extend them, by putting your cloud ERP at the center of your e-commerce strategy, the list of benefits grows even longer:

  • Improve the speed of IT delivery: A cloud ERP gives you the opportunity to execute faster web store implementations without needing additional IT resources.
  • Be more flexible and adaptable: Access large amounts of data (for your web store) from anywhere, easily and securely, so your teams can focus on the business decisions that matter.
  • Guaranteed security: If you host your cloud ERP e-commerce with a hosting provider like Microsoft Azure, security updates are guaranteed. Microsoft has a Cyber Defense Operations Center that is run by cyber security experts who work around the clock to analyze, protect and improve Azure’s network security.
  • Enable business stability and growth: Lean on a scalable platform, like a cloud ERP system paired with Sana Commerce, that seamlessly supports a growing business.

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