ERP-integrated e‑commerce

Definition of ERP-integrated e-commerce

ERP-integrated e-commerce describes an e-commerce solution that uses an ERP system to power the web store.

What sets e-commerce with ERP integration apart?

This type of e-commerce solution removes the need for a third-party connector to connect ERP and e-commerce.

How does ERP-integrated e-commerce work?

An integrated e-commerce solution connects directly to the ERP system. The e-commerce software is partially installed inside your ERP, which avoids the kinds of complex connections that other solutions claiming to be integrated (we call these interfaced e-commerce solutions) require.

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What are the benefits of e-commerce with ERP integration?

Your ERP contains all the information that keeps your business running smoothly: product specifications, pricing details, customer information… Everything your web store needs to deliver an irresistible online buying experience.
Of course, your ERP wasn’t built or set up to sell your products online. And web store software can’t beat your ERP at business logic and data management. ERP-integrated e-commerce lets both systems do what they do best. This offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Custom pricing data in your web store
  • Automated online order processing, which leads to fewer manual errors and more efficiency
  • Automatically updated product catalog
  • Up-to-date product, inventory and order history available in the web store 24/7
  • Personalized marketing and cross-selling opportunities

Discover all 46 benefits of integrated e-commerce — and how it paves the way to happier clients, more sales and better partnerships.

The business impact of ERP-integrated e-commerce

Sana Commerce is the only fully integrated e-commerce solution certified for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP system integration. Our unique approach eliminates data silos and manual data synchronization for good.

After surveying 107 global Sana Commerce customers, we looked at how else integrated e-commerce impacted their business goals.

With regards to internal process improvements, our customers reported better and more efficient processes across order entry (53%), online catalog management (30%), sales process (29%), invoice management (8%).

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What’s the difference between ERP-integrated e-commerce and interfaced or mainstream e-commerce?

Integrated e-commerce is a game-changer for you and your customers. Learn about the difference between integrated and interfaced e-commerce in our video, and read our white paper for more detail.

Learn more about the different types of e-commerce software, including integrated, interfaced, shopping carts, and connectors.

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