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of B2B businesses plan to upgrade their e-commerce solution within the next 2 years.


are investing more in e-commerce to drive sales and improve the customer experience.


are focused on achieving data-centricity in e-commerce and across their business.

How ERP integration lets B2B businesses make the most of e-commerce

The rise of e-commerce has changed the way we interact and the way we do business. On the customer side, they expect more features, better performance, and a streamlined path to purchase. Businesses, on the other hand, want to maximize profits and keep customers coming back. This means meeting (and often exceeding) these expectations.

Integrated e-commerce, fortunately, is a clear answer to this challenge. By leveraging your Microsoft or SAP ERP’s business logic, and client and product data, the sophisticated capabilities you’ve only just wished you could offer in your web store can become a reality. You can power a feature-rich, data-driven web store by integrating the real-time ERP data you already have. It’s that simple.

The benefits of ERP integrated e-commerce for B2B:

  • Integrates front- and back-office systems for a scalable, customizable, and extensible business environment
  • Provides time-saving automation functionality and boosts efficiency, thanks to real-time ERP data synchronization
  • Allows your business to manage orders (from multiple channels) and inventory from one system, improving the customer experience
  • Expedites order fulfillment (meaning happier, more loyal customers)

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What makes integrated B2B e-commerce software solutions a better fit than other software?

E-commerce solutions are numerous, and vary widely when it comes to ease of use, maintenance workload, and more.

Compared to shopping cart software, like Magento or Shopify, Sana’s ERP- integrated approach minimizes web store maintenance, eliminates data siloes, and streamlines your buyers’ purchase journey.

In comparison to interfacing solutions, Sana has the added benefit of working within an integrated system (Sana, ERP), rather than requiring middleware and bolt-ons to run a complex e-commerce ecosystem. In short: an integrated B2B e-commerce solution saves your internal teams from doing work they don’t really need to.

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Why Make Sana Commerce Your Integrated B2B E-commerce Solution Provider?

A key factor in ensuring the success of your e-commerce strategy is choosing an e-commerce solution vendor that meets your technical and functional needs and understands your organization’s key e-commerce goals. If you choose Sana Commerce, we can set you up for success in a way that’s scalable and poised to succeed — even if the market (or your business) evolves.

Sana Commerce’s B2B e-commerce solution is certified for both Microsoft Dynamics and SAP integration. Our software uses your ERP data to build out a web store that not only delights your customers, but that also drives more sales, and allows your organization to unify business intelligence for smarter decision-making.

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