Episode 11: Finding the Perfect B2B E-Commerce Fit for Your Tech Stack

Finding the Perfect B2B E-Commerce Fit for Your Tech Stack

Many IT leaders and organizations know they want to transform their IT landscape. As exciting as a project of that nature sounds, it’s usually also where many managers have to set expectations and put plans in place to create something more concrete that is sure to have a good ROI.

It’s something our Chief Product Officer, Arno Ham, discusses at length in this episode of B2B E-Commerce Integrated, with Sander Berlinski, Head Strategist at Valantic.

Listen to Sander & Arno discuss:

  • How a product-first approach (aka, shiny object syndrome) will never beat a context-focused one
  • How to build the right team for your tech stack implementation
  • Top trends amongst companies implementing B2B tech stacks today, and how to cut through the noise

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